• So Maca with the bike stuff

    She walks and i try to kepp low speed so i can have one eye on her, i need a mirror for that, because gets on my blind spot.

    She like it so im building her..

    Laika get frozen and dont like the bike, so i will need a basket so can take out both girls at the same time. One running and the other seat on the box.

    But if Maca see a cat she forget all security and runs directly to my front rear.. so i need to be carefully

    And of course i use a harness and a extra leash on the collar, just for security or in case i need to take out Maca of the bike. Anyway we take short distances while she makes condition and me too, sure.

    The collar was only for the picture because i was testing the leash distance. I think the bike and tow leash will be better. But these thing is safe.. just a little bit high set for a basenji size i think.

    So who else do these with the basenjis? any advice? and yes, maca uses a yellow with light cape.

  • That is so cool, too dangerous to cycle here even with out a Basenji. What a sight that would be with one running and the other in a basket. Have fun cycling with them and be safe.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • I love the second picture with her laying down beside the bike. It sure looks like she doesn't want to go for a bike ride!

  • I tried with something like that, but then the dog is behind me and I can't see what she is seeing. And we have 2 B's…
    So I went back to basics: I put them on the end of an 6 ft (1.80 m) leash (regular collar) and keep them next to me, or a bit to the front.
    I really keep a close eye to see if they spot something (a bird, a hare) and I correct them immediately with a sound or a leash movement, to snap them out of the excitement (I specifically look for the frowns in Binti's skull - very prominent when she enters hunting mode - and for her neck to extend forward).
    I vary the pace (and sometimes they do) and it works well, albeit with a tired right arm after the ride...

  • That looks and sounds like a very cool way to get exercise for both you and the B's. Your B's must be far more controllable than mine though - they spot squirrels, cats, golf carts, kids, whatever, and they are off way before I can spot them. There is a man in our neighborhood who bikes with a really fast lab, and I've seen him get pulled right over. Still, it's probably a fun thing to do with a well-trained dog.

  • well im still teaching Maca, last night i took her out and she was so excited with several stray cats, and god sake! we have a ton!! she pulled so hard that i get out of the bike and im really heavy! then she run towards the front whell.. i was biking slow and watching her.. so i use the brakes and get dismounted and fall .. i get stressed i left the bike over her on slow mode to see if she learns thats not a good thing, but she already was frozen and she knows on deep heart that i will not release the bike over her so get quiet even seat.. so not lesson there!

    so i start again and maca was happy at slow speed.. and yes, with these thing she gets out of my sight so i need to go watching behind.. i need to remember that mirrors! but yes, a basenji is to bike on special alert mode.
    i was checking the bike two brand but i see on a video that they can run over the bike so with a basenji patience is needed and very careful and short leash on my case, i tried with kjdonkers way, but my basenjis are happy to run and cross over over the bike so forget it about.

    With these thing Maca can run beside me but sure at nights for the heat and only around the park, because i cant trust on Maca jumping on each block of the streets, she can brake a leg if get traped on the sewers. So i almost stop there to give her time to make a easy jump. But the main route is around the park it has no sewers and is the part when i give more speed.. but Maca enjoys because i took the bike and she gets excited..
    Laika forget it about.. she is a runner and she goes for cats and run over cars, buses and bikes.. so forget it about.

  • It's very quiet where I live - wouldn't try it in a city either…

  • I have biked two of mine. (not at the same time, however!) For me, I use a regular leash and keep it short, so I have more control. I keep the dog on the curb side of me, away from traffic, and hold the leash in my right hand, along with the right handlebar. I use an old bike with coaster brakes, so no need to use my hand for anything else, and I stop if something that looks like trouble shows up. I think I have a short video somewhere that I will try to find. Biking is great exercise for them, if you can find a way to do it safely!

    I did find a very short clip of me biking Perry.


  • Lovely!!! you go very quit.. i have a fast bike, so i try to go slow.. but my Maca wont walk like that! pff and sure we all that stray cats.. the other day well.. im always hearing maca steps and then i hear 4 more! what? happens that a stray male was following Maca.. pff.. was a mix of pitbull..
    So i go fast and sure.. not any dog cant go like a basenji and Maca was focus so we leave alone the dog.. but wish i have that kind of route.. i got cars, bikes, motorcycles and other stuff and the bus! sure.. but i prefer to stop and see the cars passing us.. now i left Maca on the safe side..

    Today i was moving stuff from my old house.. Maca wanna runs but.. pff.. sorry! not today! and i bike her only at nights.. on the day we get 35 C so too much heat..

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