hello –

my name is Matt gerdes-- I live In iowa Usa--- I currently have a 13 year old basenji named Lexus( we call her lex- or PIP( after pippy longstocking- because of lex's long "socks") I joined the basenji forums as I am hoping to learn how to best care for an aging basenji and make her final years with me as graceful as possible-- She is my first any only Basenji and she has really touched my heart like no other dog I have ever had-- It has been an absolute gift and honor to have shared my life with her-- We have been through 100's of adventures together and she has enriched my life in countless ways-- She has gotten me through the worst of times and has always been the most loyal and insightful friend-- A true gift from above-- I am also considering aquiring a new basenji show puppy in the next year or so-And I am hoping to meet some great contacts and develop new friends as well as mentors if /when I do decide to take that leap into the show world-- I am open to any and all input and would also love to see your basenji friends - both show and companion. looking forward to hearing from you all-- Have an amazing day-- barrrrrrrrroooooo!! 🙂