Saego from Belgium.

Hi everyone,
This is Saego, a 4 month old Basenji male from Belgium, which i got a little over 2 weeks ago.
He is a nice little guy who learns very quickly.
I got a feeling that he is a little small,he stands about 33-34 centimetres shoulder height at the moment (13-13,4 inches). He was the smallest of the 3 remaining brothers of the nest, and his tail hasn't been curled all the way yet. But then again i'm not really expierienced with the anatomy of the Basenji, since it is my first one.
He is great with other dogs, and has such a nice and friendly character.

Please do tell me what you think!

(I do lack photographer skills but this would'nt be a proper introduction without pictures)

What a lovely boy - I love the cow standoff! πŸ™‚

He is adorable! Makes me want another one….

He is cute and love the tail, wish my boys wasn't so tightly curled as it never really wags and I miss that happy signal so I take more notice of his ears to see how he is feeling they can tell a lot. Can't remember how tall Kaiser was at 4 months but your boy still has a lot more growing time left I think adult height at the shoulders for males is 41-43 cm 10-12 kg but must say Kaiser was the biggest pup in the litter so he is bigger than that now at 11 months last measure he was 46cm and 13.4 kg. Enjoy your pup.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Thanks πŸ˜ƒ
He's a real good boy, and somehow he just loves those cows, not a single day passes without going to that field!

Tom & Saego

What a sweet boy!
Greetings from Marken, Nederland

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