Habari Johnny's Dizzy Lizzy

Hi all, it's been awhile since I posted anything. As many of you know, or may not know, I had to put my Johnny down because of complications of many, many bladder stones and have been dealing with that (he was only just 3 years old). Johnny's litter from last fall has all found their new homes and are loved immensely. I kept his one little girl and she is sooo much like him it's so creepy. I have attached a few pics of her. I swear in the one picture she is smiling because she just chewed a tennis ball into 500 little pieces and was very proud of herself! And she definitely lives up to her name of Dizzy Lizzy-it took 5 months for her to figure out how to jump on the couch!


pretty baby! love that top line.

Nice girl , b + w's look so different to reds especially when they don't have a lot of white on the face, she looks like a special girl. Nice to have a part of Johnny with you.

Jolanda and Kaiser

4 B's on the couch, what a feast for the eye!

Kjdonkers- that's what I was thinking. I'd be in heaven if I had four B's in my house..I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off all of them!

Yes, well jealousy is rampant here. LOL Rose (red/white half sister to Dizzy Lizzy) got mad at me yesterday because I was playing with Dizzy and ignoring her totally while she was being cute. So she turned her back on my daughter and myself, right in front of us, and peed. We yelled her name and she just continued on peeing. We had to laugh because, #1 it's a basenji, #2 we knew what she was saying, and #3 she was mad, mad, mad at me. Guess she told me!! She has never, ever done anything like that.

Lmao- how dare you ignore cute behavior..haha…gotta love them

What a beautiful girl 🙂

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