I really could use some help, support, input..... Baggio is almost 15. We've had him since he was a year and a half. We are now at that point to where we're not sure if we should send him over the rainbow bridge or let it ride for a little longer. In the past few months, he has lost weight to the point where he is skin and bones. His eyesight is almost gone as well as his hearing. He has had seizures for about 2 yrs now is is doing well on his seizure meds. He does tend to get what we call 'mouth' seizures. He sometimes can barely stand cause his hind end has become weak and his hind muscles have deteriorated so much. He tends to lean against the wall when he is eating or drinking. He does have a hearty appetite and drinks ALOT. Vet says that is due to him almost being in kidney failure. Sometimes he will have accidents in the house if we aren't paying attention. We now are letting him out just about every 30 min to an hour. I was watching him poop the other day and he was having a hard time staying in 'the position' due to the hind end weakness. He can still jump up on the couch but most of the time he lays on the floor or paces(which he has done all his life. Nothing new.). Sometimes when he breathes, his lips poof out. Not sure what that is. I know he is in pain, but it's difficult to know if 'doing the deed' is the right decision when he eats and drinks so well. Vet says he has a strong heart. But if he trips, he will stay down for a bit, then get up. I love my baby dawg so much, but it's extremely hard to watch him struggle. Any help or point of views is appreciated.

Human to Baggio & Karlie