Anyone have trouble not being able to sleep if the dogs aren't in bed with you?

I am so used to having my Basenji Khalani and my Minpin Kosana in bed with me. Kosana curled up next to my stomach, Khalani curled up behind my knees. It's like a dog sandwich with me, the meat, in the middle. I am unable to move, I usually wake up sore and stiff because I can't turn over but I wouldn't have it any other way. In fact I can't sleep if they aren't there.
Anyone else have this problem?

It takes me a while to fall asleeep anyways, if I'm not in my bed. I call myself the meat in the basenji sandwich! We all have our assigned places in the bed.

HAHA I have a different situation, my husband usually HOGS the bed and steals all my space and tries to share my pillow with me! I love it when my basenji sleeps in bed with us, because my husband stays in his spot! Is that silly?

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