Random yelps when grooming/licking

  • My girl has done this a few times now , sometimes she'll randomly
    Yelp when she's grooming herself or licking her self , something a miss?
    Should I go to the vet ?, could it be an issue from her spay ?? It's was done April 20th

  • My boy does the same thing. Not sure why.

  • Sounds pretty bad of a second then nothing the matter , feel all over waiting for a reaction and nothing she's totally fine 😣 really wonder why she does it , I thought maybe something was wrong but at the same time
    She plays , runs,jumps and walks perfectly and eats great !

  • My guys do that ever so often while grooming; and if you watch a dog grooming they will often nibble at their skin with their incisors, and I think sometimes they pinch themselves.

  • Yeah, ours will do it too. I have seen our Tigger sit and let Lion lick his eyes for several minutes. She will even bite stray hairs or something off his eyebrows or lashes and he has shook his head and made a light welp, but leaned right back in for more.

    I have also had them scratch themselves occasionally and hit a spot that caused them to cry out but would not be able to stop scratching either.

  • Thank you everyone for the re assuring that it's norhing to worry about
    She did do it the other day , becuase she sat right on her elk antler that she has chewed enough
    Quite funny actually , then she "dug" and hid her potato raw hide into the seats of the couch lol

  • She now did this after getting up from a loong long 2 or 3 hr nap , after doing her downward dog and cat stretch , stretching down then back into a normal position she whined and turned to her left hind side , muscle cramp ?, stifle stuck?, is really weird I've squeezed every place it might be and nothing , she does go into a sit when I'm around her back end and squeeze her back end ? Could that be an issue ??

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