• I am just wondering how many of you use a powered toothbrush for cleaning your Basenji's teeth? This was not even on my radar, but seemed like a good idea (just recently started using one myself, so I thought of it). Checked on line and many dog owners use them. I have started Perry with one, and so far it has been very easy…...much easier than the manual type. He adjusted to the vibration better than I expected. (vibration is usually the issue with horses when you use electric clippers, so I was expecting more trouble with it than I got).

  • Sonny has gotten used to a good brushing from the disposable battery powered toothbrushes (the vibrating Colgate Microsonic 360 currently). Not sure I would use the rechargeable type as they can do a number on the gums.

  • I had a look around on line before I started using one, and found this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Koiov66IrUY

    If you use a soft brush and not much pressure, I would think it would massage the gums and not damage them. So far no problems with my guy.

  • I have used one for years and many, many Basenjis! Never had a problem

  • Speaking more from my own experience (gum issues) and advice from my dentist, particularly as it concerns the Sonicare type brush, would've assumed it applied to Basenjis too. Then again, I'm not brushing the dogs teeth 2 to 3 times a day!

  • eeeefarm, that's my toothbrush type. I have thought about an electric one for Arwen, but since she is a drama queen, haven't tried yet. LOL I have (no joke) 11 toothbrushes of various size/shape/bristle waves and lengths. I figure with the huge variety (I use once and throw in cleaning cup), I am sure to get the job done. I admit that as I get to the end of my supply and have to disinfect and bring back to the bedroom, it rewards me to do the task daily. But I might have to try adding in an electric. Honestly though, it doesn't take me 3 mins to brush her teeth doing 20 secs per section. She hasn't lost a tooth since we began daily brushing so it must be working… sigh.. about 7 yrs now.

  • I tried the electric toothbrush with both dogs and it just does not work for me. They hate the sound, try to bite it more than a regular brush and I have a scar on my thumb where Becca thought it was part of the toothbrush. I tried it because Tuckers specialist recommended it. At the last cleaning he said we had turned his mouth around 180 which was a phenomenal relief, now I am trying to add brushing twice a day.

  • I have found it very easy going with Perry. He has accepted it far more quickly than I expected. I was prepared for a long process, but we are just working on details of getting all the spots I wish to brush. It probably doesn't hurt that he is used to me scaling his teeth…..

  • I've only been doing the manual brush once a day on my 2 but I may want to try the electric. Both are a little fidgety while brushing.

  • @krunzer:

    … now I am trying to add brushing twice a day.

    I am glad you got things under control with Tucker, but on brushing twice a day… might as the vet. It takes plaque almost 36 hours to harden, so if you brush just once a day, you've removed it. If you like brushing, go for it. But once a day really WILL stop it from turning into tartar. So don't feel guilty if you keep it at once a day!

    Just as in humans, tartar begins life in the mouth as plaque, a film of bacteria that can be scrubbed away by brushing (and, to some extent, chewing). But in less than 36 hours, plaque can harden into tartar, which in turn leads to gum disease. As tartar accumulates unchecked, infection attacks areas around a tooth root, destroying the surrounding tissues and the bony socket that holds the tooth in place.<<

    Arwen reacts to plaque, but even for her, once a day does it.

  • Thanks for the info Debra. They are on HealthyMouth and brushing. Like Arwen, Tucker was diagnosed with CUPS, so we are trying to figure out what works best with him. I am hoping once a day is good, I get in a good two days of brushing usually on the weekends.

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