• Hi, I'm in San Jose, CA and looking for a basenji pup to join our family. We recently said goodbye to our Zoe who blessed us with 15 wonderful Basenji years.
    Do any of you have a good resource for researching breeders? We have found one in Arizona that is taking reservations for January. Also looking for someone who may be closer.
    Any help is appreciated!

  • Go to www.basenji.org and then to the link Click to find a Breeder in the upper left hand corner

  • Also, once you find some breeders, get their dam/sire names of potential litters and make darn sure they do all their testing… you should also be able to FIND their dogs on OFA and CERF sites. Yell if you need help.

  • No CERF site, Debra… all OFA now... CERF never really had results, only if breeders submitted to OFA to their dogs health records... Most responsible breeders will have links to health testing on their sites, if up to date... if no site, then get the registered name and/or AKC number and you can search OFA for health testing. CERF is now incorporated as OFA

  • Really? Gosh Pat, I noticed a good while back that CERF was on OFA, but thought still on theirs also. Just looked and danged if you aren't right, switched over completely in 2012. Thanks! Been a long time since I have researched pedigrees.

    I wish the US was like some European countries where ALL results, not just pass, had to be posted. And I agree, rare to find a web page where they don't list it. But you get ones who claim "all the tests are done" and people think they are. So if they claim and it's not on there… go look. 🙂

  • Thank you! I didn't even think about checking OFA. That is very helpful.

  • Breeders will be your best bet through basenji.org

    , but if you're near a rescue (BRAT or other) and have time to spare….that may be a good route. The facebook page "Basenji puppies for sale" sounds sketchy, but there are actually some good breeders on there. It looks mostly like out of country options at first, but when litters are available I've seen plenty of US litters being advertized.

    Petfinder is another route to go (but you have to be careful of scammers on there).

    Google can be helpful just by typing in "basenji litter 2014" and researching whoever pops up. Some of them aren't responsible though, so you really have to do your homework.

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