• I confess I must be insane, but Alicja Nowak posted a beautiful black basenji boy pup on Facebook and my husband fell in love. A puppy would be bad enough, but he is in Poland! DH said to find about more about this pup, so thought I would ask if this breeder is known to any of your European members. I can't believe I am even asking, I'm sure it would be impossible to get him here safely, but I have to know.

  • Her blacks are down from my Rocket Man.
    I saw her boy a few years ago and asked his name as he was veyr much like my blacks… and he is closely related!

    I can't wait until we do our Rocket Man line-breeding this year... many pretty blacks just like those!

  • Thanks Kathy. I doubt I will get this boy, DH just looked at the photo and said "Get all his information!"
    But your breeding next year, that sounds interesting! I can't even believe I am thinking about a pup…my motto for many years has been, "Nothing under 2 years at my house"!

  • MacPack, Alicja Nowak used to frequent this forum - haven't seen her on here in a while though.

  • The father of that black puppy is Alicjas male BI BAHATIKA Loango (his father is Mandela Free Out of Africa and Rocket Man is his grand father). I have seen him in person a few times and I know Alicja in person but I don't know the breeder of this litter.
    You can find out more about this litter on her home page:http://bibahatika.w.interia.pl/eng/home.html
    Go under Puppies and then Offspring of our male. 😉
    I think the mother of the this litter is from Russia.

  • Houston

    Macpack it is very do-able…either via shipping or by maybe offering to pay her ticket over and have her bring it in cabin, that might prove less costly.
    Pippin came over via klm from Sweden in the cabin with my brother...Pippin's ticket was supposed to be $250, but klm forgot to charge my brother for him so he flew for free...14 hours with two flights plus layovers.
    There are no issues taking a dog in through customes, if they don't have their rabies yet (because of too young of age), the puppy will be asked/told to be quarantined at home until he has received the shots. They also need to be microchipped and have been vet approved for travel...i.e healthy, but tgat might be more on EU side not a US requirement.
    I saw the pup too...adorable...

  • Thanks everyone for all this information! He is a gorgeous pup (face marked like my Topper) but he is very far away. Interestingly, I have a friend who lived in Russia many years ago and had a basenji, it would be funny if I wound up with a Russian Basenji. There are so many here that need homes, though….....

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