• I'm in a tough spot , my girl seems to hate the rain , she'll go out when it's drizzling but not when it's actually raining , she's out enough to pain and starts pulling herself back home ! 😣 what should I do ? Buy her a rain coat ?and see if that helps ?, she literally freezes and just wants to turn around and go home 😣 , she pooped twice today already but she usually does go three times a day (she pees anywhere from 3 to 6 times a day depending on how much water ) but I live in Vancouver BC is not called Raincity for no reason 😣 help!!

  • Most Basenjis hate rain. Not at all unusual. She will just have to learn to deal with it. Others may have other suggestions. I just keep walking until my Basenji does what he or she is out there to do, then we go home. If you are lucky, the dog learns to do her business quickly. I don't force them to walk once that's taken care of, since neither of us enjoys it. I've never tried a rain coat, but perhaps others have.

  • We have rain coats for Lela and Binti. Works fine. They still don't want to go out, but when we must, we must…

  • I'll see if it gets any better ! 🙂 not raining as bad today !

  • We use a coat and it doesn't help him to want to walk but does keep him dry and warm, our boy knows when it's yuck weather(even when it's drizzling or really overcast he resists getting dressed up to go walkies), just getting rain on his head is enough to put him off. He puts up with the rain if we get caught in it but then he doesn't have a choice. Sunny days I get the let's go for a walk look and wet days he is content to snuggle up. We had one long standoff one time on a stormy wet night and he just didn't want to go toilet. Thank goodness I didn't give in as now he knows to do his stuff and you get let in and on wet nights he is super quick to do his business. Lucky we are fully fenced so if he doesn't want to walk he can safely be let out to do his business, hard work if you don't have that choice and have to leash to go to the toilet, all I can say is don't give in if you know she has to go and she should learn the quicker she is the quicker she gets warm and dry, only after the 3rd day do I force Kaiser out for a walk or boredom sets in. I taught Kaiser the word 'toilet' as a pup so he knows what is expected when I let him out which also helps. We are in winter here at the moment and have had a lot of rain so can imagine how hard it would be. Oh and from research I knew they didn't like walking in the rain so would take him in it as a puppy, didn't help as an adult, they know wet is yuck so no wet for me unless it's running around with other dogs. Good luck.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Isn't it sad when they stand there shivering and stare at you with those eyes and wrinkles? The week after I brought my Penny home, a tropical storm was moving through the area. There I was, in a poncho and drenched anyway, and there she was, standing in the grass with one front paw up, staring at me and intermittently crying/screaming like I was torturing her.

    She knows when it's raining out, and even if I put on "the happy voice", I have to pick her up out of her bed and carry her out the door to do her business. She gets it over with as fast as she can and sprints back inside like death is chasing her! 😃 Your girl will learn quickly with a potty command and an instant back-in-the-house as soon as she's done, but the dislike of rain thing doesn't ever go away, unfortunately.

  • Oh MSP, I live your life. Cara isn't bad just when it rains but if the ground is damp. If she lets me sleep in, you can bet it is raining. They KNOW when it has rained. She doesn't want to eat because then she has to poop. So when we have rainy weeks like this, I have to up fiber, give veggies, etc to make sure she goes so she doesn't get impacted anal glands (which has happened 2x.. eww). I love colder weather (yeah I know, wth am I in GA?), love green trees and things, but owning basenjis makes me want to move to the desert. I am considering a covered run to try to help.. with raised area with pea gravel maybe. As it is, if it is really wet, she will often go on the porch or sidewalk.. still preferable to in the house or hold til she explodes.

  • LOL, the one thing i just HATE about basenjis. My puppy usually poops about 3 times a day. It's raining out now and how many times has she gone in the last 24 hours? none. Because she's waiting for the perfect opportunity to poop in the corner when I'm not looking. Then she won't have to go outside in the wet.

    I have absolutely 0 patience for standing outside when it's cold or rainy . If they don't go within 15 minutes they get crated, we go back and I get to be warm, and we can try again in x hours.

  • Time to reach for a match, IMO! 😉

  • <sobbing>eeefarm… um no. Only dog in my entire adult life since I learned about matchsticking that won't go. She will walk around with it hanging out her anus, she doesn't care. I even lubed and put one of those HUGE kitchen stove wooden ones... no.</sobbing>

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    <sobbing>eeefarm… um no. Only dog in my entire adult life since I learned about matchsticking that won't go. She will walk around with it hanging out her anus, she doesn't care. I even lubed and put one of those HUGE kitchen stove wooden ones... no.</sobbing>

    I feel your pain! Matches usually work for me, but I'll admit to not getting 100% compliance. At the farm, I always took Perry into the hay shed, and that worked well for rain or snow or cold. Now that we have left the farm, I don't have that option anymore. Rainy day walking him in town on a leash is much more of a chore, and there are times I sure miss my hay shed!

  • Oh that's sooo funny reminds me of my grandmother who swore if her quick march up and down the garden path didn't work(get her bowels working) she would use some soap, hope to never need the matchstick or the soap.

    jolanda ans Kaiser

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