Special Agent Cosmo

So we got hooked watching this CBS show, Intelligence, on Monday nights. It's about these Special Agents, a dude (ex-delta force, of course) with a billion$$ chip on his head. The government assigns a bodyguard (ex-secret service, of course) to protect the chip embedded in his brain.
Anyway, it just dawned on us that Cosmo acts exactly like the bodyguard - smart, driven, loyal, very protective, velcro'd to us, rarely leaves us alone, and watches us like a hawk, 24x7. So we decided to add a title to her name, Special Agent Cosmo. She seems to really like it, she perks up and looks at us with pride whenever we say it. 🙂 🙂


My critters know that when I address them "formally", i.e. using the registered name, they might be in trouble. OTOH, they also are familiar with all sorts of "nicknames', e.g. when Perry comes back from a non productive walk, he gets called "poopless Perry" for a time. I don't think he considers it a compliment (which it certainly isn't!). One appellation I have used with my previous boy, and now from time to time with Perry, is "Joe Cool". Anyone with a Basenji probably is familiar with the "knowing but ignoring (i.e. staring into space) what you are doing, as if they do not care (when you know they do)" . That is "Joe Cool" mode to us. 😉

I've noticed Kaiser does have a good understanding of quite a few human words, especially food words can get his full attention and anticipation. I wonder how many the average dog knows and responds to and then there are the human TELLS they pick up on, especially when it's time to do something to them or they're in trouble. They are tooo cute.

Jolanda and Kaiser

I love the title you've added….quite the mouthful. I find it funny that even though I (we) give our dogs easy names to call out...then we turn around and give them super long nicknames.

Beo is jealous of "Special Agent Cosmo's" nickname ....he got stuck with "Stinky Winky Woo"....

First Basenji's

Love the nicknames, Uzie has this marking on the back of his neck that looks like, well, the finger…..so when I call him and he turns around, well, you get the idea. Joe Cool is one way of saying it!!!! PS: since we live in the south and in the boondocks, he gets called Uzie Ray with his housemate Candi Lu 🙂

First Basenji's

finally got a pic of what I was talking about…when I call him, he literally turns around and gives me this>

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