Sherwood Basenjis Breeding Plans 2012

  • My breeding plans have been finalized and puppies are expected to arrive in December! Details can be found on my website at This is my first attempt at 2 litters at the same time. It should be interesting!

  • Wow, maybe black & whites? Not that I need a fourth, but a person can dream!

    Looks like you will have lovely puppies.

  • I have loved Zen since I first saw him as a baby. The fact that he is black and white made him even more attractive. It has been a few years since I had any black/whites and I have my fingers crossed for a black/white girl from this breeding. πŸ™‚

    Arlene should have black/whites, too. It's going to be a colorful year!

  • Good luck Robyn!

  • I have a soft spot for the black and whites! Oakley was supposed to be te red and white girl I wanted; sometimes you don't get what you want but what you need and I certainly got the opposite of what I wanted/expected but I wholeheartedly got what I needed πŸ˜‰

    Very excited for you, can't wait to see pictures!!

  • I love Zen. Hoping for lots of b/w puppies.

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  • Way kewl. LOL you do know that since you are planning 2 both with be HUGE litters? LOL. OMG, can I come visit? LOL hell I'll come help whelp if you need me.

  • ewww Black and Whites. I would love a Black and White boy to be my Red and White girls brother. Are you going to announce
    the birth on the Basenji Forum, or can I give you my email address?

  • Oh how I would love to have a little black and white…but alas so not in the cards at the moment.

    Congratulations πŸ™‚

    I hope we will get to see some puppy pictures here...

  • Rainie's hip OFA certifcate came today. He's rated "Good". I figured he would be as his hips were tight and smooth in the x-rays.

    Hush! I don't want 2 huge litters! Two normal sized litters are fine though I would love to have a nice selection of black/white girls that I can choose from. And you would be more than welcome to come visit and socialize puppies. πŸ™‚

    I will announce their birth here and give updates but I would be happy to chat with you privately also. My email is on my website so contact me and we can chat.

    I always do photos weekly of my pups, as long as I have a photographer anyway. I normally post them on my website but I'll let you guys know so you can watch the critters grow.

  • I am excited for you and really would love to come down to see the babies πŸ™‚

  • I took the girls for their sonograms today. They are both confirmed pregnant with at least 5 puppies each.


  • You are going to have a lively household πŸ™‚

  • You should be good and nuts by week 5! I don't envy you at all, Happy puppies!!

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