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This was just posted on another list from one of the moderators of the Yahoo Group for Fanconi dogs

Hi, Everybody,

I'm one of the moderators, along with Betsy Polglase and Cheryl
Silver, for the Fanconidogs internet discussion list, and we want to
let you know about a change we're making in the list's membership
policy. Before the direct DNA test was available, there was no way to
know positively that dogs would be affected by Fanconi until they
began to show overt symptoms such as spilling sugar. And since the
list was originally set up as a support system for people who were
dealing with the day-to-day issues of caring for a Fanconi-afflicted
dog, we only allowed people to join the list after their dogs had a
definitive diagnosis.

Now things are different because of the DNA test, and we have
reconsidered our membership policy. From now on, anybody who has
received a positive DNA result for Fanconi is more than welcome to
join. Just go to this site:
and click on "Join this Group."

As you may be aware, Dr. Gonto and others are working on a new Fanconi
treatment protocol which is due out sometime next year. This may
allow owners of dogs who have tested postive for Fanconi to begin
treatment before any symptoms appear. And even if your dog is not
ready to start the protocol yet, you may find it helpful to know what
types of issues you will be dealing with at some point down the road.

By the way, we have a number of dogs on the list who are not
basenjis. We have also had some dogs with acquired Fanconi – rather
than Fanconi that was genetically transmitted. Jerky treats from
China seem to be the biggest culprit in a dog's getting the acquired
form of the disease. If you know anyone with a pet of any variety who
suffers from Fanconi, please let them know about our discussion list.

I will post this on the lists I belong to, but please feel free to
forward it to any other lists or persons who might benefit.



i just request these list, thanks

I have a five year old Basenji female that has just been diagnosed with Fanconi. I'm looking for any treatment information available.

Thank you.

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