• Totally confused…I am fostering a tiny 6 yr old female Basenji that exhibits a split personality. While sitting in your lap, next to you on the couch or sleeping in bed with you, she is calm and is affectionate, ecen cuddles close to you and falls asleep letting you pet/rub her anywhere. She will stay with you forever. But the second you put her on the floor or take her outside...her tail goes between her legs, is frightened and will not come within 4-5' of you.

    I have walked her on the leash and showered her with affecion. She is not food/treat motivated...even when it is breakfast or dinner time, she will not come to eat unless you are about 10' away from the food bowl

    any suggestions would be appreciate...split personality, Daisy one is calm and affectionate, Daisy II is scared and extremely aloof

  • Welcome to the forum.

    Has Daisy been frightened while on the floor or perhaps been shut out when outside?

    How does she behave on the lead? Is she happy to walk beside you?

    Try encouraging her with her food at meal times. Persevere in attempting to feed her by hand. Make yourself as small as possible when you do this.

  • And have you checked her eye sight? Hearing?

  • Is she a puppy mill dog? PM dogs can have so many fear based issues. It also sounds like maybe you haven't had her in your house for very long. Sometimes it takes months for a dog with a sad history to adjust. In additon to sight and hearing, I'd get a thyroid pannel done.

  • Do you know her history? Is she afraid of certain noises? If she had always lived in a cage/crate and never went out, she could be afraid of the grass/floor, etc. It sounds as if she has never been socialized to the outside world. Do you leave a leash on her when she is away from you? I have had to do this with unsocialized dogs so I could get to the leash without getting too close to them so they run from me. Since she is older, it will take more time than usual. The first tests I have done on a dog like this is a complete thyroid and an eye exam.


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