New addition on her way

Khera should be with us by next weekend.

I want to name her Mail Order Bride but my wife isn't liking it πŸ˜›

I hope Q's traits rub off on her…

Awww, adorable little tiger baby!

First Basenji's

Heh… I read that as "new addiction" on her way. Congrats!

Hope she has a nice trip. She is coming all the way from New Zealand.

Turnersville. Not far from Philadelphia.

What a pretty little brindle πŸ™‚


First Basenji's

Why do all the Basenji in NJ live SOOOOOOO far from me.. makes me sad

Very Cute, what is her breeding?

Jillayla Kennels. I cannot find the email of her lineage, I probably deleted it. I wouldn't be shocked if you know just by the kennel name (You seem to know alot of stuff) πŸ™‚

Flying a puppy from New Zealand and you don't know her line? I am confused. The only reason I would go through the expense of an import is if I had studied and truly wanted something from that particular line. Why did you choose this pup if it isn't because of her lines?

I did find this ad: with pups now 3 mos old. No web page found for the kennel (though pics of their Jack Russells and basenjis)

It's a long and confusing story. We will only be co owners and she will live with us. I know her great grand daddy though.

Interesting line breeding on the litter. SunDiata is Chris Maxka. Looks like one of hers was exported to NZ, is she the co-owner? The dam of the stud dog we are using for C-Me comes from the Wazazi Line, same as the dam's pedigree of your pup. Both go back to Wazazi Perfect Dazzler.

Looks like however the bitch was not DNA'ed with either the linkage test or the direct test. Sire was done with the linkage test, but not rechecked with the direct test. While results have been seen to change for the better, because it was only a linkage test, breeding dogs should be retested.

Do you know if the pups have been done?

I assume you've studied her lineage? She looks a very pretty puppy.

AFAIK everything was done. I am no breeder and yes, Chris will be co owner. Will post some pics and update this after she gets here.

Q and Khera lounging on the deck.

She is too cute!

She is adorable and Q seems to get along with her just fine. Glad she made the trip without problems.

Thanks all. She has had to put him in his place quite a few times since she got here. He likes her a little too much. She is a little ball of energy but considering she is so young, quite well behaved. We are very happy with her. And the bonus is now Q is much more active when we are in the backyard and actually runs around instead of sitting at my feet πŸ™‚

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