• I bought Butu a "Really Tough Tuffie" from Tuffies, as it came with a money back guarantee (which I was convinced I'd be using!) It made a huge difference to his behaviour - I no longer get multiple Basenji 500s every night. So I bought him a Tuffie nest as a crate/travelling one and he loves that very much too. They are very well made and apart from the "Really Tough Tuffie", which a friend calls his 'Kryptonite' bed, come in lots of nice colours. Butu's nest is blue with a Black Watch tartan fleece. I'm seriously considering getting a flat bed for him with a mudproof cover for the car. They are not the cheapest on the market, but neither are they the most expensive, and, in the case of the "RTT", I do not envisage having to replace it for many years. I have no connection with the company, save as a really satisfied customer. As we're talking beds, before I discovered Tuffies, I was considering Orvis - but they are very pricey - anyone any experience with Orvis beds?

  • Oops, forgot the url for UK customers…and forgot to mention that they will make bespoke beds too...

  • Never really knew about the Orvis stuff…would surely try one for my pet!!

  • Do let me know how you get on…they do look lovely!

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