Butu's Bed…

I bought Butu a "Really Tough Tuffie" from Tuffies, as it came with a money back guarantee (which I was convinced I'd be using!) It made a huge difference to his behaviour - I no longer get multiple Basenji 500s every night. So I bought him a Tuffie nest as a crate/travelling one and he loves that very much too. They are very well made and apart from the "Really Tough Tuffie", which a friend calls his 'Kryptonite' bed, come in lots of nice colours. Butu's nest is blue with a Black Watch tartan fleece. I'm seriously considering getting a flat bed for him with a mudproof cover for the car. They are not the cheapest on the market, but neither are they the most expensive, and, in the case of the "RTT", I do not envisage having to replace it for many years. I have no connection with the company, save as a really satisfied customer. As we're talking beds, before I discovered Tuffies, I was considering Orvis - but they are very pricey - anyone any experience with Orvis beds?

Oops, forgot the url for UK customers…and forgot to mention that they will make bespoke beds too...

Never really knew about the Orvis stuff…would surely try one for my pet!!

Do let me know how you get on…they do look lovely!

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