• Hi! I've had the pleasure of raising Benji for over a year now. Still young, he is somehow much wiser than his years. I soon discovered he was not going to content himself with merely being our pet. Instead, he has become our equal, a friend like no other, and -I forgot to mention - a handful! And I've found him to be as great a singer as I am, and he can yodel a mean one to a harmonica . . . I've joined this forum in honor of him, and glad to see so many of us are just as attached to these mischevious members of our family.:D

  • Its great to have you Tinialani! Can't wait to hear more stories about Benji! Is it possible to post a video of Benji singing??? I would love to hear that! Our little pup Chance is mute! Not a peep. 😞 No baroo yet..Fingers crossed that one of these days he will let one out.

  • Welcome to the forum, enjoy all the fun and education. By all means, we'd love to hear Benji sing and see some pictures of him.;)

  • Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you'll have lots of fun stories to add!

  • Hello and welcome!

  • Welcome Welcome Welcome 😃 😃 😃

  • Hi there and welcome to the forum!

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