• I don't have a Basenji, but I have a weimaraner with Fanconi and I'm wondering if anyone has had experience dealing with this disease and could lend some advice or direction. He's been through thousands of dollars of testing and he's on Enalapryl (sp), aspirin, pet tabs, fish oil and special kidney food. We believe he has a blood clot in his leg because of weak pulse and trouble walking. Thanks for any ideas on how to make him more comfortable or what you've done to help your dog. Sophie.

  • While this is not impossible it is very rare. I would suggest you read the following link, and perhaps print this off and provide it to you veterinarian for assistance with a definitive diagnosis. This may also help your vet to understand the etiology and treatment of Fanconi Syndrome in your pet:


    Good luck, and I hope your weim finds some comfort.

  • There is also a Fanconi Group on the Yahoo Groups. It is Fanconidogs. I highly suggest you join as the members can give you help with the disease. The group is for any animal/breed that has the disease. There is also a list of vets that are experienced with the disease or have the portable machine to do the venous blood gas test that is required for treatment of the disease. I have had 3 Basenjis with Fanconi Syndrome and the group was always helpful.


  • I'm not sure if this has been suggested, but Dr. Gonto does have a Fanconi protocol. I'm definitely not experienced with Fanconi, but I'm sure the people in the Fanconi group could help with suggestions. Good luck!

  • I believe that some pet treats from China have caused Fanconi or a Fanconi-like syndrome, but I believe that this sort of Fanconi is reversible. Do you believe that this is the sort of Fanconi your Weimie has? The Fanconi that basenjis get is genetic and cannot be reversed but only treated. However, the yahoo groups should be helpful. Good luck and take heart that it is possible to have many years left with you pup

  • I'm so sorry that you are going through this horrible time right now. Read my biography…I have been through/going through fanconi syndrome with my pup. Let me ask you...was your dog diagnosed with fanconi? Please tell me exactly what your vet said. Has your dog had a BLOOD GAS test done yet? These are important questions that I must know the answers to, before I can help. Thanks!

    P.S. I must tell you that I am not a Dr/Vet...but I do have experience and speak to Dr. Gonto almost on a weekly basis. Dr. Steve Gonto is the one that invented the protocol for Fanconi.

  • Dr. Gonto is working on new guidelines. Dr Gonto, it should be noted, is not a vet either, but he sure has stepped up miraculously with research and work. He told me he has seen dogs have blood gas levels showing long before spilling sugar so it really is important to do at least an annual blood gas. Check around– prices range from $40 to hundreds of dollars! While your dog is not a basenji, I would be surprised if the basenji protocol isn't effective for your dog too.

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