Need stories or anecdotes about responsible breeders

  • Hey everyone, I'm putting together some info for the BCOA Facebook page on responsible breeders, with the focus at this moment on how responsible breeders are a resource for the lifetime of your dog. So if you have a dog from a breeder that has helped you in some way after you got the puppy, please share. I'm planning to do a montage of quotes or examples so they need to be somewhat specific and short. I can't use paragraphs very easily. If you are a breeder and have examples of how your puppy people have relied on you, that would be appreciated too. Anything will help. Examples regarding older dogs would help a lot too.


  • First Basenji's

    Tad Brooks from Meisterhaus in KY
    He didn't help me once, he helps me all the time. He stays in touch with me providing me guidance and training mentoring. If Kongo is acting strange I reach out to Tad before my vet. Every time I look at Kongo I see Tad's intelligence, hard work, and caring.

  • My story is a bit sad, but shows the commitment of the breeder. We got Timmy from Brenda Cassell at Signet Kennels.
    When Timmy ran out and we couldn't find him, we had to tell Brenda. She had just flown in from a trip and decided that she would make the drive down with a couple other dogs to help find him. Brenda lives in Ft. Worth, we live in San Antonio, it is about a 5 hour drive one-way. Even after we got the bad news that Timmy was struck and killed by a car, she continued her trek to take Timmy's body home. 😞

  • As a Breeder, I have made incredible friendships with some of my puppy buyers. They are more then just people that got a Tanza Basenji, they are family!

  • Watson's breeder is Laura Mae Hesse of Laurel Basenjis. She is simply wonderful. We are lucky enough to see her regularly since we live close. We go on hikes with her and some of her dogs that way she sees Watson all the time 🙂

  • Gale Thompson, Undercover Basanjis, is not my breeder but she shows incredible dedication. One time I contacted her about a BRAT rescue that her dog was 3 generations back. She didn't own parents or grandparents, but she offered to foster, find a foster and PAY for the spay/neuter and donate in the interest of that dog. Recently we had a family needing to place their dogs– one came from Gale's line. She spent a lot of time helping find the "out of the country" breeder and a co-breeder to help get the dogs back to them and again offered money and help for dogs simply in her line.

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