Josie - 9 year old TRI female - needs a special home

  • The following is from a BRAT coordinator:
    I have a non postable dog that needs a Basenji experienced home without children. She is a nine year old tri female that can be placed in a home alone or with a single dog/cat. I can't keep her as I own too many dogs already.
    Her problem is that she has a bite history so we can't post her on the BRAT website. All bites were justifiable and/or provoked. Please note that she has never bitten me and she walks like a dream. Anyone willing to give her a chance, please email me privately

  • While I don't know anything about this girl, I will say that 9 is not terribly old for a basenji. I have one that's 15 and one that will be 16 in a couple of weeks, so 9 is quite young with many years left.

  • Sounds like a great dog for someone. Personally I wouldn't worry about a Basenji with a bite history where "All bites were justifiable and/or provoked". There are a lot of Basenjis out there that meet that description, and others that would if they had less than tactful owners. I'm guessing there are many, many dogs…...not just Basenjis......that have bitten under trying circumstances, and it just hasn't been recorded. I would never, ever tell someone "he won't bite". Most will, given sufficient provocation! (IMHO, most kid/dog bite situations are caused by the kid. And kids invariably lie when they are asked "what did you do?" ) It's a shame so many dogs are labelled through no fault of their own. That said, it is a heads up for anyone adopting the dog that care must be taken. But forewarned is forearmed. Folks get blindsided all the time when dogs are advertised as perfect with kids and strangers.....

  • Does she need to have her thyroid and eyes tested or has she had them done? I have these tests done for my rescues especially ones that are older or have a bite/aggression issue.


  • I would take her in a heartbeat if I had room.. unfortunately I'm pushing my limits with my father already, as I've saved a few cats while living with him again. She sounds like a wonderful dog. I have no doubt that the bites were provoked. Dogs, especially Basenjis, can be very sensitive. If you don't understand that you're dealing with an animal that has feelings too, you're in trouble. I will keep her in my prayers. May she find the best fur-ever home!

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