6 Year Old Female B Available for Adoption

  • I have a 6 year old female brindle Basenji, Bambi, who is available for adoption. I rescued her and 3 of her pups from a dog auction. She was a former commercial breeder dog of puppies for the pet stores. Her owner was getting out of the breeding business. After I rescued her, she became attached to me quickly. Three days later, at her first vet visit, the staff commented on how well she liked me. At the auction she was in an ex-pen with other adult Bs and stood on her back legs to get to me to pet her.

    She has tested probably Fanconi clear according to the DNA test. Her last urine strip test was negative. She is hypothryoid and takes thyroid medication twice a day. She has trouble maintaining weight as she is a chow hound and she is fed part low cal and regular dry food. She is fed twice a day and pumpkin is added at one of her feedings. She has a cataract in one eye but it does not need surgery as the opthalmologist could see around it. Her hips were rated as fair by my vet. She is longer than she is tall so she waddles when she walks. Whoever adopts her must be willing to have the necessary health tests performed, for example, an eye exam is done yearly. She is spayed, will be up-to-date on vaccines, and takes monthly HW medication-HeartGard Plus.

    She is located in SW Ohio and I prefer to adopt to someone who is within a days drive-8 hours. I will consider a longer distance, if you are the right candidate. I will not have her flown to her new home. No small critters should live in your home as she has strong hunting instincts and has killed 4 birds and chases bunnies and squirrels in the fenced backyard. She lives with 5 other Bs, 3 males and 2 females ranging in age from 1 year to 15 years old. I think she would be happier in a household with fewer dogs. She is crate trained and stays in a crate during the day but I come home from lunch everyday to let her out. She usually sleeps in a chair or with me but I think the other dogs bother her when she sleeps as there is not a lot of room. She has never been around children so older children-teenagers only.

    She is listed in the Basenji Pedigree Database as Jen's Bambi Surprise. Search under Jen's as there are fewer dogs that way. She is also in the Fanconi Database on the OFA website. Her CERF eye exams, hip x-ray result, and thyroid test results are not in it.

    Here is a statement from Bambi:

    I want a home that will spoil me like a Basenji should be. I am looking for a home that does not have young dogs who want to play with me. Those pups of mine were a pain in my behind. I am a settled down girl, well as settled down as a Basenji can be, and I do not like to be bothered and pestered by them. I will tell them off though but those youngins do not learn. You must have a big enough chair and/or couch for me to do somersaults on. My mom thinks I am just being silly when I do them but I am clever. I can make all kinds of noises and even bark once in a while especially if you are slow in giving me my food bowl in my crate. When I ride in a crate in the car, I make noises but I eventually settle down. I try to sneak out in the garage when mom is loading up the car for a trip and sometimes I will jump in when the car door is open. Like a typical Basenji, I sometimes like to chew and I do not like rain and/or wet grass. I sometimes pee on the porch but if mom stands in the doorway and tells me "pee in the grass", I usually will do it. Once while staying at a hotel, I chewed a comforter that had feathers in it. I thought that comforter had an animal in it. Mom did not know I did it until the hotel charged her a fee and by then it was too late to discipline me. I love to hunt the animals in the backyard and if a squirrel is up in a tree, I whine and cry for it. I love to eat and sit next to mom while she is preparing my food. I will whine and cry for my food. I am a great pill taker as I love the pills coated with canned dog food.

    If you think you are the right home for Bambi, contact me at jensrescue@yahoo.com.

    I will be at the Hoosier Specialty, Lure Coursing Event and the National in KY but I will be driving back and forth since my elderly mom had surgery recently to fix her broken right arm. Let me know if you want to see Bambi there as I am not sure if I will be bringing all my dogs each day.

    I also have 2 young red & white males available, 1 year and 2 years old, but they have health issues, one, Cassidy, tested probably Fanconi Affected and the other, Bowie, has esophagus/intestinal issues that is controlled with diet and medication and is mostly blind in one eye with PPM and other problems. Bambi is Bowie's dam. These will only go to that perfect and special home only. If you are interested in either of them, please contact me.

    Jennifer Hill

  • Bambi, who is now 7, is still looking for that perfect home. She has tested probably Fanconi clear. All pertinent information is above. If you are interested in adopting her, please contact me at jensrescue@yahoo.com.


    Jennifer Hill

  • Houston


    I so hope you find these three dogs wonderful homes. I wish I had the space and the money to take one more dog in, but 4 is my limit…:(

  • Jennifer, I am so glad your on the forum. These b's are so very lucky to have landed on your doorstep. Hugs and hugs for all you do for puppymill basenjis.
    For those of you who don't know..Jennifer, I hope this is ok Jennifer has gone to dog auctions, and SAVED many b's who might have been passed from one puppymill or another.
    THIS WOMAN IS A ANGEL!!!!!!!! Ask any b who has fallen into her care.
    I am in total awe of you and the help/work you have done to get these b's out of puppymills.

  • Thank you Sharron for your kind words.

    Bambi is a sweet girl but is not very playful. She can make the strangest noises but does quiet down. She is good in a crate.

    I will be keeping the 2 males as they get along so well together and if I placed one of them the other one would not have anyone to play with as all my other Bs are older.

    I have not been to the dog auctions for several years except to pick up some male Bs for rescue. There were Bs for sale at the OH Amish Dog Auction in February but I did not know about it until the night before so I was unable to attend. I was curious to know who the seller was and there pedigree.

  • Well, what you did for the dogs you saved, my praise is not enough to tell you how I admire you.
    Hugs my unmet friend.

  • Sharron, I thought I met you at the National that was held in Portland, OR in 2003. I am not sure though because I became ill and only stayed for a few days. I left after Dr. Gonto's talk.

  • I was there..so we could have met. I have to tell you, I do meet a lot of folks and getting older, darn it, I forget who I have seen face to face.
    But hugs again. YOUR wonderful!

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