URGENT-NYC-Brooklyn-Possible 8 Yr. Old Female B Mix-In Shelter

  • This girl is on the To Be Destroyed on Thursday list at the New York City-Brooklyn Shelter. I cannot tell if this older girl is a Basenji. She is listed as a Welsh Cardigan Corgi and brown & white although she looks black & white to me. I sent the info to the breed rescue and they thought she might be a Rat Terrier as she is tall for a Corgi. She was an owner turn-in after two months along with an even older male Chi who is not housebroken nor socialized. I wonder if they were former breeding dogs. I have also sent the information to Lori, the Basenji mix coordinator for BRAT.

    She is no longer on PetHarbor but is on the Urgent Part 2 - Urgent Death Row Dogs Facebook page. She is in the Album To Be Destroyed - Thursday and she has until tomorrow morning. Here is her picture:


    I think she is a cutie but I am partial to the older ones. Is there anyone in the area that could help? I believe she can be adopted outright and not go through an approved NYCACC New Hope rescue as her behavioral rating was average. She was animal tested with a 6 lb. female chi mix.


  • She is available for adoption and here is the information:

    Lucy is available to be adopted directly on the ACC website via the below link. The below link will allow you to reserve Lucy and she will be removed from the list. This will require you to 1) leave a $50 deposit, 2) complete and submit an adoption questionnaire. 3) You need to get to the shelter within 48 hours to complete the adoption process, If you do not go to the shelter within the 48 hour period, you will lose your deposit and ACC can kill this dog without relisting.
    Note this link IS part of the ACC and if you do not follow through, ACC will know you. Also, this site does not allow you to foster, you need to contact a rescue in order to do that.



  • This girl was spared this morning and is now in the Urgent folder but this could change day by day.

    Is there anyone nearby that could take a look at this girl and see if she could be a Basenji?


  • This girl is no longer in the shelter as she was either adopted or rescued. I am trying to find out if a rescue got her and which one.


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