URGENT-NYC-Possible PB Tri Young Adult Male-Injured-NYCACC-Brooklyn Shelter

This boy looks like he could be PB but he is injured and his tail is hanging down. He is listed as a Beagle mix but has long legs. He weighs 23 lbs and is estimated to be 2 years old. He is a stray and was turned in May 6 and his due out date is May 9. He allows handling and petting and is rated green. GREEN animals are those animals who were relaxed, easy to handle, and who showed no concerning behavior during the exam. I sent the info to a contact with BRAT last night but am not sure if she received it as I have not received a response. Could someone send the information about him to BRAT? Is there anyone in the NYC area that could take a look at him to see if he is a Basenji? I have read that the NYC Shelters do not answer their phones.

Here is his Facebook page:


Here is his Petharbor page:



Poor thing - hope he finds an angel soon

OMG, who could do such a thing? How much money do they need to save this poor soul? I will send money if BRAT can get him out. 😞

First Basenji's

😞 This is so sad… I live in NJ but I can't afford or house another dog at this time in my life. I wish he gets to live another day and someone saves him..

First Basenji's

Oh good news soon after I wrote this I looked up on the website and it says the dog is saved.. not sure of the details but its amazing news!!

I was so thankful to see this, too! Maybe he found a loving home. I hope so!


I was so thankful to see this, too! Maybe he found a loving home. I hope so!

yes, he certainly deserves a loving home.

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