TX-Plano-Possible 2 PB Male Bs-In Shelter

  • There are 2 Male Bs listed on Petfinder but there are no pictures listed so I do not know if they are PB. Amon is 2 years old and Ali does not have an age listed, only that he is Amon's buddy. They are in the Plano Animal Shelter-a suburb of Dallas. I believe it is a high kill shelter. They are crate trained and house trained but should not go to a home with young children. They are friendly and get along with other dogs.

    They were turned into the shelter because their owner is ill.

    I have not contacted the shelter about them. They are not listed on Petharbor so I do not know their AO numbers! Is there anyone in the Dallas area that could go to the shelter and see them in person? The shelter is supposedly open Saturday and Sunday but because of the Holiday weekend this may not be correct!

    Here are their Petfinder pages:




  • i have been calling since 9am no luck

  • It is impossible to get a live person at the public shelters! One must almost go in person to see the dogs.

    Still not listed on Petharbor but Petharbor has not been updated by this shelter since 5/6 or at least that is the date of the last dogs that were brought to the shelter! This where the A0 number comes from-Petharbor. I just love shelters that do not list their dogs and then complain that they have to kill so many.


  • Pet ID: A088910 (ali)
    Pet ID: A088911 (amon)

  • Yes, I was jsut there, and they ARE pure Basenji, and BEAUTIFUL!
    One Tri boy and one red and white boy, sleeping together on the cot.

  • I just sent this info to BRAT's TX District Coordinator.

    Debbi J.

  • Debra, thanks for finding their numbers.

    I hope they go together into rescue. I would hate for one of them to be adopted without the other and be left at the shelter!


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