FL-Miami-Possible PB Tri Male in Shelter-Found as Stray

I cannot tell from the picture if he is a Basenji or a Rat Terrier which he is listed as. On Facebook it lists him as a stray and approximately two years old and weighs 22 lbs. He was found yesterday. I have inquired on Facebook to see if he has a tail and am waiting a response. He is at the Miami-Dade County Shelter which is high kill. He is presently on stray hold. Is there anyone nearby that can go see him in person to determine if he may be a Basenji?

I searched on a couple of websites for lost dogs but could not find anything matching his description. Does anyone know of someone missing a lost dog in that area?

Here is his PetHarbor page:



Really looks basenji to me.

I agree with Anne

First Basenji's

I agree too, the coloring is too Basenji, when a Rat T. is more than one color, the markings are not so distinct as in the pic. wish there was a body shot. Hope he gets a new home soon too. How far a drive is it Anne??? kidding 🙂

I sent the information to BRAT as I asked questions about him several days ago and received no answer. I hope there is someone with BRAT that lives nearby that could go and see him. Is BRAT's e-mail address of where to send dogs in need, brat-admin@lists.basenjirescue.org?


Any news on this guy yet? I've posted this on the BRAT Facebook page for some additional exposure.

He has a docked tail and white on the back part of his body. He sure does look Basenji from the front! He has lost weight in the shelter-now weighs 16 lbs. He is still a good looking boy! Available for adoption today.

Here is his new picture:



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