Wanted younger female in Eastern New Mexico/West Texas Panhandle

  • Hi. My family and I are looking for a younger female in our area. I am willing to travel to get her. We have two young children in our home. My husband grew up with these pups and would love for our kids to have the opportunity!!

  • http://www.basenjirescue.org/ The basenji rescue often has dogs. My advice is to look only at those who have been Fanconi tested. While most of theirs are not tested, sometimes dogs come in already tested. You can click on each dog that is available and read their info, including Fanconi status. To see why I recommend only tested, check out the forum on owning affected dogs. If you are willing to manage such a dog, that is great, but go into it knowing: http://www.basenjirescue.org/DOGS/default.htm
    Be aware their notes on Fanconi strip testing does NOT mean the dog does not have fanconi, it only means they are not currently showing symptoms. ONLY the OFA DNA test can tell you if the dog is clear, carrier or affected.

    You can also contact http://www.campbasenji.org/ in FLorida. All rescues are fanconi tested.

  • They have bought into an as yet unproven theory of early detection of the disease. They also provide very little information as to costs of adoption, and list the dogs under a personal Facebook account. As an accountant who has worked closely with tax-exempt organizations for over 15 years, I have serious issues with a web site soliciting "donations" which not only hasn't received even preliminary 501©(3) recognition, but also fails to provide information on the organization's board and intermixes personal with the charity.

    I would not recommend an out of state rescue, especially with adoptable dogs nearby. My question would be why a young female? Is the intent to produce puppies?

  • Please explain what exactly you mean by "unproven theory" for early detection? We have a DNA test for the Fanconi gene. Can be done as early as a couple of weeks of age (or as soon as you can get enough "spit" on the cheek swab). This is not unproven or it would not have been released as the direct gene, DNA test. So if this is what you are referring to, you are very much incorrect. Like with any test (human or dogs or any animal) there are bound to be anomalies or lab errors, but that would be an exception.

  • Pardon me? Are you talking about Pam Hamilton's group? First of all, not sure what your agenda is, so let me set some things straight.

    NO ONE SAID she only places Fanconi free. She TESTS every single dog before placing. That way a potential owner knows if clear, carrier or affected.

    Second, BRAT tested non of the Wimauma group. NONE. I freaking begged them to let me test the mother of my dog so that if she was clear, we'd know about the pups, and if not clear, would know to push. They absolutely refused. They still refuse to have any tested. Period.

    SO back to Pam and our group. From my being told by Brat that they had NEVER HAD ISSUES with this hoarder– we not only have massive issues, but some spilling as young as 10 mos. Pam left BRAT and began doing things the RIGHT WAY.

    As for unfounded theory-- honey you may want to look at how research happens. You do research to develop and prove something. Pam is undertaking on her own having blood gas testing done early, BEFORE they spill! Pam didn't just invent the idea, Dr Gonto (call him, verify before you spread nonsense) that dog's can have blood gas show the disease is progressing long before urine testing shows it. DR GONTO, no Pam making up wild theories.

    PAM is working on getting affected dogs on very low does of bicarb etc to see if very early intervention can help delay or even stop progression of the disease. She is not only paying for her dogs, she has helped pay for others. She also has and is continuing to spend a great deal of time finding vets local to our pack and elsewhere who can do the blood gas testing at an affordable rate so people CAN get them done. So yeah, you are right she is working on an UNPROVEN theory-- but it isn't about whether a dog HAS Fanconi, but whether early intervention can help. And your problem with that is what? That is the way we discover things. In 10 yrs we may find it did nothing. Or we may find that by doing it, we can have dogs with Fanconi live long lives without ever reaching the point of massive supplements and the heart break that goes with the advancing disease. So again, precisely what is your issue with her doing it.

    As for her status, she applied and is waiting for the 501c. Frankly I don't give a rats behind if she gets it or not-- her work is valuable. She is upfront with her status, will post when she has it.

    As for cost for adoption, you contact her, things are negotiable. Like many good rescues, a very good home that doesn't have upfront funds can be workable. Now if you contact her about a dog and she STILL won't tell you, come back and whinge.

    And for the record, I'll take a "no 501c" tested basenji over an untested basenji from a bonified 501c group that can find funding to do yearly conventions, pay out money instead of get more volunteers for services, but cannot come up with testing money, fund raising for testing, or even freaking ALLOW THE POTENTIAL ADOPTER TO TEST any day of the week. The litmus test is what the rescue does. And from where I am sitting, Pan walks on water.

    And lest you or anyone imagine it is a friendship thing, we aren't friends. We are on a board together and we share concerns for the dogs. Debbi,
    with BRAT, I love and adore even if I utterly disagree with BRAT on the Fanconi issue. This is not me standing up for a friend... this is me standing up for a group doing the right thing by the dogs.

  • Y'a know, a lot on me this year but you tickled my memory. You accused me of bashing BRAT before in another thread and now you are bashing Pam.

    Tell me, do you volunteer for Brat? Not sure if some connection.

    I do remember you got your rescue from people who got it from that byb in TX. You had proof of the parent's DNA (though I would warn, if the breeder is not stellar, you should not assume the tests are right– using other dogs for testing or siring is not unheard of).

    I don't want you to think I am against Brat. I just did a transport and over night for them last month. I am happy to evaluate dogs for them, help with transport. They are phenomenal except Fanconi and chipping. Chipping isn't a deal breaker, but Fanconi to me is. Especially when the issue they throw out is money but if you suggest options, you find the issue is they will not EVER allow it. So I stand by saying -- read up thoroughly on Fanconi, read the forum and owner's lives with these dogs, then decide if you are willing to get a dog without knowing. If so, go to BRAT. If not, go elsewhere or take ONLY the dogs they get in that were previously tested clear or carrier. And they do get some in. I just think adopters need to be informed, FULLY, and really know what is happening and decide.

  • Pam is having issues posting so asked me to post for her:

    From Pam:

    [The Florida rescue does NOT only place Fanconi-free dog]
    Should we just euthanize all Fanconi-affected dogs all instead of placing KNOWN Fanconi-affected basenjis? What kind of rescue would we be? Should all basenjis with hypothyroidism also be euthanized? Fanconi, caught early and properly managed, can potentially cost less than hypothyroidism and have less of an impact on a basenji with hypothyroidism.

    [They have bought into an as yet unproven theory of early detection of the disease.]
    Should we bury our heads in the sand - buyer beware? We haven't created them by breeding, but they have become our 'babies' by coming into our rescue. We will provide the best available at the current point in time. We can't stand to know that some of our previous babies are not getting treatment NOW that COULD be preventing greater symptoms later. By testing first (and yes, we will also do and have done venous blood gas testing if there is any tiny concern) and making sure that all potential adopters are VERY aware of what is involved with Fanconi, our basenjis stand a better chance at a trouble-free life. Note that ALL of our basenjis are also MICROCHIPPED, so that Fanconi status can follow them wherever they may be.

    [They also provide very little information as to costs of adoption, ]
    This is a rescue, not a pet store selling puppies. The adoption fee for 'straightforward' dogs are posted with the dogs. There will be dogs that are bonded or have special needs that will require a more negotiable approach.

    [and list the dogs under a personal Facebook account. ]
    Should we spend money on ISPs and special accounts rather than spending it on the dogs? We do have a FaceBook page set up for Camp Basenji and are in the process of transitioning everything to that. We had to start somewhere. We are a NEW group working hard to get everything in place while putting the highest priority on the health and safety of basenjis.

    [As an accountant who has worked closely with tax-exempt organizations for over 15 years, I have serious issues with a web site soliciting "donations" which not only hasn't received even preliminary 501©(3) recognition, ]
    I don't understand the issue here, as long as there is truth in discloser. Non-profits need to get started somehow. We have clearly indicated to everyone, including those that have offered donations without any solicitation, that we have applied for but have not yet received our 501c3 recognition. We are clearly non-profit, unless you think someone would pay $3000 (yes, three thousand dollars) of vetting costs of just one dog accepted into our rescue (a request submitted by a vet in an ER "Please or I will have to euthanize him") - the basenji's adoption fee was $200 - and his new owners are very thankful that we saved his adorable life - he is a gem in more ways than one. We will be a long way from breaking even this year, even if donations are included. Unfortunately, there will always be vetting expenses well beyond sterilizing, vaccinating, microchipping and DNA testing.

    [but also fails to provide information on the organization's board ]
    The board and organizational information is publicly available with the corporate filing. It will be updated as we grow and have time to officially add on new members. It will be added to the website when there is time. Taking care of basenjis being dumped and building a knowledgable vet database has been a higher priority with our limited time.

    [and intermixes personal with the charity. ]
    I'm not sure where the issue is here. Charity is personal. My Facebook activity has been almost exclusively focused on basenjis - it is the only reason I signed up for Facebook. I am NOT getting paid to help basenjis. As a matter of fact, I have spent thousands of dollars helping them. My only payments are the contentment shown by basenjis that learn to relax in my care and the gratitude expressed by adopters and even owners that have found a way to keep their basenjis by incorporating new ideas. It is all very personal.

    We do coordinate with BRAT to see if there are good matches nearby for adopters, but we don't force an adopter to take a dog from either organization. A basenji has to be wanted and to be the right fit. We are not forcing anyone to recommend us nor are we going to be bound by arbitrary state lines.

    [My question would be why a young female? Is the intent to produce puppies? ]
    If the individual gets a dog from either Camp Basenji or BRAT, she will be spayed. We often have applicants that indicate a preference for a younger basenji, but find that many applicants will consider whatever basenji is the best fit, even if it is older.

    We are volunteers with jobs and families who are working hard to set up a new organization to fill a particular need while taking care of many fosters and establishing a broader database of vetting options than is currently available. We are also going to great lengths to make sure that the most current information regarding Fanconi is available to vets who may have basenjis as clients. I don't understand why anyone would take offense to what we are doing.<<_

  • I don't know if you have found a puppy but I have a friend that had an accidental litter. Because it was unplanned they did not have homes waiting. They have 4 black/white girls available and they are being raised with a wonderful family with 4 adult basenjis and two young children who are great with dogs. These pups will be well socialized and great family dogs. If you are interested let me know and I'll send you her contact info privately.

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