• My name is Belinda and I am owned by my gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, wonderful, adorable 5 month old red & white B named Kaeda (pronounced Kay-dah). I've had her since she was 8 weeks, but neglected to sign up and join this wonderful forum until now. 🙂 I have a blog with tons of pictures of her growing up since I've had her until now. If anyone would like to check it out, it's www.kaedathebasenji.tumblr.com

    I took this photo this morning. ^____^


  • Welcome… and congrats on your new addition! Well, she isn't all that "new" anymore, but I'm sure she's keeping things lively! Five months is a great age.

  • Congrats and welcome. Who did you get her from? Many of us are related by our basenjis

  • @ownedbyspencer - Thank you! She can definitely be a handful at times. Especially when my cat is around. She wants to play with my cat, but she's too rough and pulls on her. I can't even remember how my life was like without her, and I've only had her for 3 months!

    @tanza - Thank you! I go her from a BYB, although I didn't realize it until after I purchased her. I definitely don't regret my decision because I love my little girl and she's a very healthy pup. And the breeder was nice enough to answer any of my questions when I had any, and gave me documentation for DNA Fanconi tests on both parents. She also gave me a picture once a week of Kaeda growing up from a couple days old to the last week before I got her. We still even email each other back and forth. She's from Kansas.

  • Welcome to the group, there are a couple other people on this forum from CT and MA.

  • Hi, I just love her face, very pretty girl.

  • What a sweet face! She is very pretty indeed. Welcome!

  • @lisastewart Thank you! Hmm, maybe if I can found out who they are, we can have play dates. 🙂

    @stash I LOVE her face. My mom always says "You better not lose your wrinkles!" to her. xD

    @DebraDownSouth Thank you and thank you. ^___^

  • Please keep posting new pics 🙂

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