• Breeder FOUND! Jennifer found the lady when she posted that ad she found that was on Domestic Listings for the WF area. I sent the lady an email and she called me. She was not bred by a BREEDER. She was an "oops" litter on Feb 5th 2011 in Wichita Falls. Becky (my girls original owner) got her from her neighbor at 8wks old for $50. Patty (Who I received her from) lied to me about the dog…for reasons unknown...frankly I find it stupid. She is NOT "show stock"...she was never SOLD she was GIVEN away for free to her in Lawton OK. Mother is registered and daddy is not. No idea about fanconi tested...the lady is going to find out from her friend she purchased her from and call me tomorrow. So the REAL story on my girl is.

    Oops litter...born Feb 5th (NOT May as I was told). She was NOT show stock and her parents are both Tri's who were NEVER shown (as I was told). She was NOT sold because she was mismarked (as I was told). Becky (the original owner) got her when she was 8wks old for her elderly father whose wife was away for 7wks in Africa for a Mission Trip. She got her for him for a companion. Hence why they named her Zari...its African for BEAUTIFUL GIRL. Being in their 60s-70s they had a hard time dealing with her craziness so Becky GAVE HER AWAY (not sold her) to Patty here in Lawton OK.

    TOTALLY different story than I was told. Not sure why she'd LIE to me about everything...makes no sense. But at least I know my girls background...where she REALLY came from and I will know tomorrow if momma was ever tested. I will STILL be doing a test myself regardless to be safe. Maybe she lied so she could make her sound special? Idk...beats me! OH for everyones CUTE pleasure...heres some pics Becky sent me from when Zari (now Nikita) was a little puppy 😃 And also a photo of her mother. Her mother is very pretty and she was the cutest little puppy 🙂

  • Glad you found answers…and more questions! Now you have cute puppy pics of your girl, and I imagine the 'breeder' is happy to know she is in good, loving hands forever now.

  • Sounds like a happy ending to me. 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    Wow… that's some crazy convoluted runaround from the woman who sold her to you. And I was very impressed with Jennifer's sleuthing indeed. Kind of cool that you were able to get puppy pictures too!

  • @MacPack:

    Glad you found answers…and more questions! Now you have cute puppy pics of your girl, and I imagine the 'breeder' is happy to know she is in good, loving hands forever now.

    what she said. it is nice to have baby pics.

  • Yeah im in contact with Becky every day now and she said she asked her neighbor where Nikita was born and no momma and daddy were not tested. So she will be tested anyways 🙂 Still dont understand the run around. Maybe that was her way of justifying me paying her for the dog when she got her for FREE. Idk but she's in a safe forever home here 🙂

    MEGA Kudos to Jennifer aka dcmclcm4 😃

  • Do you have any info at all on the sire and dam? Are they still owned by the original breeder? I used to live in TX so know of some of the breeders as I used to look at ads and still do when I have time. It seems like many breeders got out of the business when the economy went bad and they were left with unsold pups. Your girl may go back to the breeder in Graham TX who appears to have quit breeding.


  • Jennifer, I could probably find out more info on the sire and dam. I bet I can ask Becky and she can get it for me. I guess she's pretty good friends with the lady she got my girl from as a pup. She might indeed go back to him as Graham isnt terribly far from WF I dont believe. Ill see what else I can find. All I know is she's an awesome girl and I wouldn't trade her for anything 🙂 She DEFINITELY keeps me on my toes though! She has a crazy obsession for anything paper…mainly paper towels and tissues. She will snag em off the table and run away as fast as she can so she can go shred it lol.

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