Deadly Tainted Treats-Milo's Kitchen Hit With Second Class Action Lawsuit

  • Here is the information about this lawsuit and in the article there is a link to the first class action lawsuit:


  • I hate one-sided media-attention crap like that. Sure she can sue, and hope they'd rather pay her than take her to court. But the FACT is simple– at this point it is every company, not just theirs that has REPORTED issues. The FACT is that the FDA and independent labs have YET to find any problem EXCEPT with people overfeeding the product in some cases. The FACT is that unless they have proven an issue, they cannot be forced to pull off the shelves. Would I feed anything from China? NO, which is why I spent nearly an hour yesterday picking out the dog treats. But without proof, she is just another frivolous sue-happy person hoping to make a buck.

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