Hello From Santa Fe, NM - Not Sure If I am an Owner…

  • Hi All,

    I am new here, sorry I recently posted this in another section before seeing this one. I recently adopted India from a shelter here in New Mexico. After researching breeds I believe she maybe part Basenji. She sure acts like one. Anyway, she is a great puppy (6 months old, or so) and I was wondering if anyone could provide any input and help her find her true identity.


  • I'm not sure just how badly you would like to know what breeds your baby has in her, but you can go online and get a kit to have her DNA checked. Just in passing, your India can have a simple nodding aquaintance with a B for her to be welcome here. From her face and ears I would say she has more than a little B in her.

  • Little hard to see in that pic, but she's awfully full of cuteness!
    I used to live east of albuquerque, but have moved a bit north of you. Santa Fe is a really neat place to be!

  • The head and ears and placement of the eyes reminds me more of a pharaoh house or Ibizan hound ( the eyes especially)! Not saying she's mixed with those but perhaps in that direction

  • Regardless, very cute… welcome

  • Ain't nothing going round,
    Like a big-eared hound
    Makes me act so funny
    Makes me spend my money….

    (With apologies to Johnny Tillotson...sorry, blame the mugging ;-))

  • India is gorgeous whatever she is, look foward to seeing more of her.
    Like chelsea i can see Ibizan or pharoah hound in her.

  • @QuizBasenji:

    (With apologies to Johnny Tillotson…sorry, blame the mugging ;-))

    Or even The Big Bopper - Johnny Tillotson was 'Poetry in Motion' - which definitely describes a Basenji…

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