Hello From Santa Fe, NM - Not Sure If I am an Owner…

Hi All,

I am new here, sorry I recently posted this in another section before seeing this one. I recently adopted India from a shelter here in New Mexico. After researching breeds I believe she maybe part Basenji. She sure acts like one. Anyway, she is a great puppy (6 months old, or so) and I was wondering if anyone could provide any input and help her find her true identity.


I'm not sure just how badly you would like to know what breeds your baby has in her, but you can go online and get a kit to have her DNA checked. Just in passing, your India can have a simple nodding aquaintance with a B for her to be welcome here. From her face and ears I would say she has more than a little B in her.

Little hard to see in that pic, but she's awfully full of cuteness!
I used to live east of albuquerque, but have moved a bit north of you. Santa Fe is a really neat place to be!

The head and ears and placement of the eyes reminds me more of a pharaoh house or Ibizan hound ( the eyes especially)! Not saying she's mixed with those but perhaps in that direction

Regardless, very cute… welcome

Ain't nothing going round,
Like a big-eared hound
Makes me act so funny
Makes me spend my money….

(With apologies to Johnny Tillotson...sorry, blame the mugging ;-))

India is gorgeous whatever she is, look foward to seeing more of her.
Like chelsea i can see Ibizan or pharoah hound in her.


(With apologies to Johnny Tillotson…sorry, blame the mugging ;-))

Or even The Big Bopper - Johnny Tillotson was 'Poetry in Motion' - which definitely describes a Basenji…

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