• Waffles first trip to the dog beach, definitely the only basenji we saw πŸ™‚

  • So, did he catch that toy! LOL! A water Basenji - will wonders never cease? Actually, I got one of mine to lay down in some after after vigorous play on a hot day, but he hardly splashed through the waves. He just kind of plunked down to cool off!

  • my boy Pete hated the pool…

  • It's + 30ish C here today and my poor B doesn't know what to do. Right now we are spending some QT inside where it is half-a**ed cool. I wish she would go in the water, but she has an aversion to water even more than my boy.

  • I assure you, no attempt was made to catch the toy! πŸ˜ƒ

  • Its been 100+ F here in OK lately. I wish my 2 would cool off in the pool I put out for my pit/lab. Casey (pit lab) loves it but Nikita and Anubis refuse to go anywhere near it lol. My B mix Chloe hates it too lol.

  • Some B's like it, some B's do not - mine likes it when we are in the water, or if other dogs are in the water, and she jumps in and out of baby pools at the dog parks all the time - I think she likes to keep her feet cool and/or clean. We always heard they hated water, but I've seen other B's who did not mind it as well. I will say though, it only goes so far as when the water hits their bellies; they don't want to swim even though they can.

  • My Taz loves the beaches. He chases the Frisbee and has actually learned to doggy paddle to get the Frisbee in deeper water. I have posted those on here before.

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  • Great picture!

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