• Hi all,

    So im home from my 2 wk hospital stay and everything went well, the girls appeared happy and spent lots of time between home and at nan n pa's (which they run to as they are just 2 doors down) playing with their dogs.

    However when i got home i noticed they both had smelly breath (they didnt before i left).

    Nothing has changed, diet etc and both have clean teeth and mouths. I thought it would go away but it hasnt and it truly is a horrid smell.

    The only other thing i can think on is that we have a pipe that runs our water off into the yard, but its only water and not scraps - this surely couldnt be the reason to making their breath stink and it didnt affect them before i went away? (however i have now set up a fence around the pipe).

    Both of their breaths stink, no body stink and both are well and high in spirit, fit and happy.

    Any suggestions why and how to get rid of the smell?


  • Is anyone besides you noticing the change in their breath? Any chance you are more sensitive to odours because of some procedure you had in hospital? I ask because that happened to a friend of mine. Other than that, I would be looking into any changes in their management while you were away. Might give a clue as to what they have gotten into, since it is both and not just one of them.

  • I really would get them in to have their teeth checked and blood work. There are many things, including toxins, that could be causing the issue. Since it has not gone away, much better to get it checked out and be sure than a potential problem getting worse. At best, eeeefar is right, it may be you are more sensitive. But I suspect if it has continued, something is really up.

  • Have you checked their mouths to see if there is something caught in their teeth? If you are unable to, a trip to the vet is needed.


  • their teeth and gums are fine (i clean Ebby's constantly as she has a bad bite, hence why she got placed in a pet home as she was sposed to be the breeders show dog) i check their mouths regularly anyway.

    the smell didnt go so i took them to the vets and they had a minor tummy bug (baterial) which cleared up with a dose of AB's and their breath came good! they put it down to the pipe run off from our sink and we now have a sturdy cage (with a lid of course) around the outlet 🙂 as they both had it

    p.s. i thought it was just me but i kept asking my partner and he said he could smell it too lol

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