• Basenjis are definitely their own dog. My husband is a long time basenji veteran. I am a relative newbie only 9 years. These are the rules our"angels" seem to like.
    Wake everyone up at 5:30 AM. What is a weekend?
    Make sure you always help. When dad is planting his garden, dig up what he has just planted. When mom is folding clothes unfold them and run with them
    Make sure the neighbor knows what kind of underwear mom wears. Clean or dirty take them outside in the dirt.
    It is our duty to box the face of the old dog daily. He growls but deep down he really wants to be one of us
    Always table surf its like Columbus you could discover a "new world"
    Straighten dads desk a few times a day. He never really needs those pencils and erasers .
    Start a new fashion trend "wholes in clothes"
    Never come when you are called, they really don't mean you
    The other rules:
    When Dad is having a bad heart day lay quiet and close to him and watch over him
    Lick away dad's boo boo's He takes that stuff that makes him bleed easy
    Wash our parents faces every day
    Laughter is great medicine make them laugh daily
    But most of all give love love love daily
    I had always told my husband having 2 basenji's was a good case for divorce
    but our 2 have shown me I was wrong–-- but there are days:o

  • LOL! Spoken like a true basenji slave! 🙂

  • What a wonderful note

  • Spoken like a real Basenji owner, they are the best, But When They Are Bad, They Are REAL BAD!!!!!

  • Awww…that was so funny and sweet!

  • 100% TRUE!
    Well Put!

  • Great read. Welcome to the forum.

    I would add only this. Just when you think you've seen everything, they show you something new.:D

  • RIGHT ON!! 😃

    I loved your note. It's so true to form!

  • U are a true basenji owner. I second, third, infinity those words.

  • True, true true.

    Also add, forget about trying to make the bed in a hurry when there's a basenji around. I get Talker off the bed and put down the sheet. While I'm on one side of the bed, he jumps back on. I get him off and put down the flat sheet. While I'm on one side of the bed, he jumps back on. He doesn't even mind if the sheet covers him. He'll just lay there while I tuck in the other three sides. We do this over and over. Its funny but I know I could easily get him out of the bedroom and shut the door until I'm done, but this little dance we do makes the time it takes to make the bed worthwhile.

  • Great story…Bs are just wonderful aren't they...

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