Basenji Bookmarks

So, as you may know, I've been researching the breed and things to do with socialixing my dogs with the new addition.

So here I give you all of the 'Basenji Bookmarks'

Feel free to add your own.

I have an IPhone app called YStream, with this I made a playlist of lots and lots of videos. I searched 'Basenji', 'Basenji Training', 'Basenji Agility' and 'Basenji Tricks' as well as a few others.

Google image search -Basenji

Mid-Atlantic Basenji Club

Reality Stories

Basenji Reasons Not to Get

Older Dog Is Aggressive With Puppy - The Fun Times Guide to Dogs

Embeau Basenjis

Southern Counties Canine Association

Dog Owner's Guide Profile: The Basenji

Microsoft Word - Basenji THINK TWICE!.doc!.pdf

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Basenjis

Basenji Club of Great Britain's Breeders' Directory

Search Results for "Basenji" - Yahoo! Answers;_ylt=AslL9Es3CYYJcfuZABJiL0Qf3IlQ;_ylv=3?p=Basenji&submit-go=Search+Y%21+Answers

How to Care for a Basenji

Itzyu Basenjis - Basenji Information

UK Lure coursing in England, UK with British Sighthound Field Association

Buying a Basenji

Basenji plus another dog [Archive] - Basenji Forums - Your Online Basenji Community

Basenji and Jack Russell Terrier Compared

Dog Owner's Guide Profile: The Basenji

Basenji Quirks

Basenji facts


Crate Training –Why It Works. .Why Crate Train? How?

Basenji Companions - Tips Section - Basenjis With Others - Basenjis and Children

Welcome to the Basenji Club of America

Jumoke Basenjis - Basenji Breeders - Puppies Adults

Basenji Harmony

This is really the only Basenji Bookmark you need:
Almost everything Basenji is there!

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