Hello from Minnesota aka Minnesnowta.
First Basenji's

Hello my fellow Basenji lovers
I live in Winona, Minnesota.
I have two Basenjis, a Male red and white, and a Female black tri-color. Their names are Hunter and Angel. They are from the same litter and they sure act like brother and sister with their constant bickering. They are the funniest dogs I have ever owned and they make me laugh everyday when I am not having to scold them for doing something naughty. They have the most personality of any other dog I have known. It is funny to hear stories from other Basenji owners that match my stories exactly. Thanks for letting me be a part of this community and keep the stories comin.

Welcome 🙂

I saw your pics in the other threat…your pair is very cute!

Hi Matt, welcome! Yeah, all basenjis are unique, and they are all alike! It's fun to read other people's stories and think, OMG my dogs does that exact same thing!

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