• I need to start testing my Basenji with urine strips for Faniconi now that she is 6yrs, old. I had her DNA tested yrs. ago and she has the genes on both sides, much to my dismay. I got her from a petshop, which, I will never do again, didn't know about backyard breeders then. The strips are expensive so I need to know where to get the best price. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

  • You might want to get the direct DNA test done, as before they only had linkage tests. Knowing for sure would mean you could stop guessing. More info in this thread:


  • Exactly, have the DNA test for Fanconi done… If Clear or Carrier, no need to strip test... only if the test comes back Affected. And I don't really find them that expensive... and if you need to use them... post here and see who else might be using them, maybe you can share a bottle.. since they are only good for 6 months (once the bottle is opened)

    You can order the test at www.offa.org

  • I had her DNA on her done years ago, they reported that she has the carrier gene from her mother and father! So, don't I need to test to see if she is affected, somewhat confused now! Someone told me the strips were expensive!

  • DNA tests a few years ago could not give you a definitive answer. You need to retest to be sure. They now have a direct test, not a marker test (which could be inaccurate). Of course, if both sire and dam developed Fanconi, that would be diagnostic for sure.

  • Carrier Sire and Carrie Dam, still can produce a Carrier and NOT an affected. Did the test say that she was P.Affected? or Carrier? And as noted the test from 3yrs ago was the Linkage test not the direct test.
    Since you had her done 3 years ago, you can pick the re-test at a reduced rate of 50.00

  • Quite a few tested under the linkage test have found to have a different result from the direct test. So it is a very good idea to have her retested now.

    The strips are not that expensive in the UK. It's always better to check with the retailers rather than take what somebody tells you.

    I do hope you have a pleasant surprise!

  • Thanks so much, I am happy to hear there is better testing, I will definitely get the new test done! Thanks so much for this information!

  • Thanks so much, I will get the new test done! This site is where I have gone for years for answers to Basenji questions, thanks so much!

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