Wanted - Basenji Plano, TX

We are looking for a Basenji . We live in the Dallas area and would prefer one less than a year old.


You might want to try Brenda Cassell, she is in Fort Worth, but I don't know what she has for sure, but I do know that she has some young B's to place. Her website is http://signetkennels.webs.com/

Other then that, you should try BRAT (www.basenjirescue.org)

Thanks, we ended up finding a 6 month old boy.

Who did you get your baby boy from? Many of us are releated by our Basenjis?

A woman in abilene. we r having so much fun with him …but it is like having a puppy with the chewing and potty training.

That is because he is still a puppy. Hopefully either he has been DNA tested for Fanconi or His Sire and Dam had been tested before he was born. If not, it is something should get done. You order the test at www.offa.org and you can read about Fanconi and DNA testing at www.basenji.org

Basenji Mix

We have learned that the best thing with our Basenji is lots of rawhides, and not little ones (those are gone too soon in our house) but big braided ones. It may help with the chewing!

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