• It was Ebby's first birthday on the 5th 🙂 she turned one. we went down the beach and had fun.

    They also "helped" me clean my car…

    and a little riverway walk

    So…the cows. well of late we have had some cattle hang around. I got some photos and thought, brilliant! but last night they visited again so i decided to record 🙂 the girls hadnt met cattle before. Hope you all enjoy the footage and photos.

    and the videos: dont mind my commentary. its a shame that youtube compressed the files too. but you's get the idea 🙂
    This one is their real first "meet" http://youtu.be/-OnBNEEce8s

    This one i filmed this morning http://youtu.be/ls1KGzrPpL4

  • Oh god I believe I told my wife our new family member would be allowed in my GTO. I am in TROUBLE.

  • Oh god I believe I told my wife our new family member would be allowed in my GTO. I am in TROUBLE.

  • LOL great birthday outing for Ebby and what fun experiences! COWABUNGA!

  • Happy birthday Ebby 🙂

    Wonderful pictures… I especially love how they assisted with the cleaning of your vehicle...

  • I used to walk my last 2 Basenjis off leash in the hills on Stanford University property. They have cattle and the Bs would get about 10 ft from the herd and just sniff the air and move on.

  • My first Basenji found out the hard way that cattle like to chase dogs, particularly small dogs. She figured out pretty fast that the safest place to be was as close as she could get to me and my horse. Sure helped convince her to stay close on trail rides! 🙂

  • When I first had Buddy at 8 months old we were hiking and had to pass someone riding a horse on a very thin trail. First time he ever encountered a horse and he freaked out and I had to grab and hold him tight untill they passed. Now after 3 years of passing them it's no problem at all. He hasn't encountered any cattle yet.
    Back in the early 80s my mother lived in the country and behind her back yard fence which was just barbed wire, there was a huge ranch. I would mow her lawn and throw the clippings over for the cows. My first Basenji would charge full speed out of the back door at the fence and the cows would jump back a bit freaked. That tough Basenji tri girl had very little fear.

  • I'll be sure to let you know how Jenga does when the 100+ Swiss cows with bells arrive this weekend! They are finally coming out of the barn and into the pastures for the "estivage". I don't think he will have much choice as our farm will be surrounded by them on all fence sides.

  • My dogs don't particularily like the cows as much as the cow patties! The runnier the poop the more the B's have interest in it.

  • haha thank god the cows are on teh other side of the fence so no cow patties for me 🙂 i could only just imagine haha.

  • Great birthday for Ebony 🙂 We have cows half a block from us and Kipawa is totally in love with them, as are they with him. Not sure what it is but cows seem to like basenjis? Lovely pictures and glad you shared them with us.

  • I've always found that my Basenjis are great with cattle and also horses. The young heifers are particularly intrigued by Basenjis.

    Lovely pictures. Its good to see updates and Happy Birthday to Ebony.

    What breed are the cattle?

  • Well, there are now cows, cows, everywhere and Jenga doesn't seem interested in the least. He does like to much on the horse poop though.

  • @Patty:

    What breed are the cattle?

    i think they are brahman off the top of my head

  • The rescue girl who would get out of the invisible fence and had a high prey drive also had a thing for a bull. She was lure coursing near Ft. Worth TX and the field was near where the cattle was fenced in at. She went crazy and wanted to go after this huge steer/bull through the fence. I believe it was a TX Longhorn. One kick from him and she would have been history!


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