Books or videos? Need some info

  • Hey, I am looking for more info on coursing. I dont drive and there is only one person I can find in my area who teaches lure coursing but I'm not fond of the company she works for and not sure she would be the right fit for me. I'm about to get an affghan pup (about 3 months from now) and currently have a Basenji/Jack mix. My plan is to learn what I can and use my Jada as a guinea pig for teaching coursing (I'm sure she will have a blast doing it and she wont care if I make mistakes) and then I will have some idea what I'm doing when I start the puppy. I have no idea where to go to find good books or videos on this, so I hope somone here has some good recomendations.

    Thanks 🙂

  • I've never had to "teach" coursing. If you're local club has some fun runs, just show up. Dog people are usually very helpful.

  • There is no club that meets within the city and I do not drive. Any clubs I've seen meet outside the city. I need to learn how to do this and the tools I need to get so I can figure this out on my own. Books and vids would help

  • I need somone to teach ME what I need to do to get my dog ready

  • If it helps, I didn't have to do any training other than reading the AKC website rules and regulationss for coursing ( basic common sense, i.e. your dog gets aggressive towards another dog)
    Oakley is 17 months and I literally just took him to an event, didn't know if he would chase the lure and BOOM, his turn came up they set me up and told me to release and off he went, from there he was hooked!! Reading the AKC website helped me understand it a little more but there's no real teaching, it's just instinct! And the reasons they mention clubs is bc clubs host practices which help get your dog used to running a course and running a course with other dogs, this prepares you to then run for the judges to earn title…I'm still super new to it and I know what your trying to ask but there's nothing you can do to prepare except look for sighthound coursing event near you and go. I live in MA and most often I'd have to drive to CT to go to an event...

  • One of the things I have done with my puppies is tie a white plastic bag on a fishing pole and wave it back and forth and let them chase after it.

  • I train all mine with the plastic bag or fur lure on the end of a lunge whip from the day they arrive at my place. After a few weeks of solo training, I add one of my older dogs so they get used to chasing with another dog. Most trials are going to be a significant distance away for you. You might contact some of the coursing clubs and get on their various yahoo groups etc to see if anyone is traveling from your area that could provide transportation to some of the practice runs. I would recommend looking atl locations for LGRA/straight track racing in canada as that is a good way to learn follow and focus before starting to course.

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