• How do you train your basenjis to get through the slalom.
    I feel like mine don't really get the idea of how to do it 😕 ,even with a treat, I don't know how to help them.
    Any ideas?

  • Do you mean the weave poles?

    There are many different ways that people try. My instructor has a set that has x-pens around them so the dogs can only weave correctly through them. Then one person releases them at one end and the other person calls to them with a treat at the other. It doesn't take very long before they start eagerly racing into them. Now that they have started to build some muscle memory for the weaves we are starting to phase out the x-pens.

    I know that they also make what some call "channel weaves" where some of the poles slide out further so they can be gradually moved in so the dog builds up to the weaving. I haven't used them so I don't really know how to describe them.

  • I think you mean going through the weave poles in agility? there are dozens of methods for training these. Clean Run Magazine (cleanrun.com) published an issue a few years ago dedicated to the subject. Here are some other ideas:
    It's not easy, expect it to take months perhaps.
    Good luck!

  • That's the one, I didn't know the english name.
    Really interesting links, thank you Ciarasmom!

  • Let us know how things go for you,

  • Makes for a decorative backyard but it breaks the routine of walks on a leash–any "skill" course seems to trigger the inate ability of challenge.

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