I am just passing along this information. These Singers are in the Phoenix AZ area. If you can help or know anyone looking for a rescue Singer contact Heather directly at:


Subject: [BBR] OT – New Guinea Singing Dog rescue -- help needed

Hey folks,

Many of you probably remember the HUGE rescue in Oct 2010 of nearly 90 NGSD
from a hoarding type situation. One lady went well above and beyond the
call of duty and helped rescue and place most of the moms, pups and several
adults. Unfortunately, she has come across some very hard times and is
desperate to find adoptive homes/fosters for the Singers she has
remaining. She will be moving out of state, and any Singers not placed
will probably be PTS. There are also 3 Singer pups, not quite 8 weeks old,
in this group. (Obviously an "oops" -- but now is not the time for blame
or coulda/woulda/shoulda.) I also have pics and little bios on these guys
if anyone is interested. FWIW -- I adopted a pup from the Hammond rescue
situation and he has been wonderful. Many of you might have met him at the
Nationals last September. If anyone has any questions, suggestions or
offers to help, PLEASE let me know ASAP!!

Thanks so much!


Heather Ervin
Echelon Basenjis
Kirksville, MO

I've copied the info below:

We can give you more information about the Singers who are up for adoption
in AZ.
The three puppies are now 6 weeks old so they'll be ready to be adopted in
2 weeks. Their parents are James and Susie. Susie is 8 years old and James
is 3 years old. James lost one back leg sometime for some reason when he
lived at Hammonds in PA. Both parents are red w/white markings. We can't go
back any further than the parents on the bloodlines. Mr. Hammond told us
that he never kept written records and instead, relied on his memory. When
we were there I asked him to write down all he remembered and send it to
us. He never has sent anything. He may have written down the information
and then gave it to someone else. We don't know. It's good that the parents
are separated in age by 5 years, but they still could be closely related.
Well, better, we know for sure that they're closely related. The question
is, "How close?"
Two of the three pups have kinked tails. We have not seen pictures of the
kinks but understand they are not severe. Shortened tails? We don't know
yet. There are no other inbreeding signs mentioned. The puppies are all
healthy and doing fine.
Adults include:
Mouse who is a 6 year old male.
James who is a 3 year old male.
Julie who is a 6 year old female.
Susie who is an 8 year old female.
Sheba who is an 11 year old female.
Any help in placing these animals either in foster care or a permanent home
would be appreciated. They are located near Phoenix. The owner will be
moving out-of-state soon so time is running out.