Adding a second rescue to the mix

  • First Basenji's

    So we have Basenji Fever!!! We are in the process of getting a male B to join us and our Diva girl Saavik. It will be a foster to adopt placement so we can try and adjust before deciding on permanent placement with us. I'd love to hear about peoples experiences with this transition and some ideas on how to go about it smoothly….

    He is about the same age as our Girl (a little over 2) and she is very dominant. He has been a very good submissive boy with the alpha girl at his current foster.

  • Good to have a passive boy if your girl is dominant (aren't they all???) and good idea to do the foster to adopt, in case it doesn't work out. Expect your girl to be less than welcoming at first, and hopefully she will surprise you and like the boy. Start out with long walks together and come back into the house together; that has always worked for us. Good luck, enjoy!

  • First Basenji's

    Thanks Anne!! We are excited I will post pictures when we get him next month 🙂

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