Basenji bitch in Newcastle upon tyne, UK

  • Hi,

    Can any experienced basenji owners offer a home to Mindy???
    She is 2yrs old, neutered, vacc and chipped.
    She has issues with other dogs and MUST be rehomed as an only pet. She has a tendancy to run off so will not be able to be allowed off lead until has undergone further training.
    With people she is affectionate and has lived with children without any issues.
    She was rehomed at 16mths old when her first owners got pregnant and felt they could no longer cope, after a spell in foster (with me) she found a home with another basenji (through here) unfortunately she has never settled with him and is unpredictable, she is coming back into foster care (with me again) until another home can be secured for her.

    Any questions please ask.
    thanks Vicki

  • I can't remember if you told us who her breeders were in your previous posts. Have you contacted them again? Perhaps they would have her back?

    It seems such a sham that she has been from home to home. If she has problems she would be better off with an owner who knows and has had Basenjis. Have you registered her with Basenji Rescue as needing a home?

    I do hope that you find a loving permanent home soon and thank you for caring for her.

  • Can't remember the breeders name offhand but last time she was untraceable, it was my belief that she was more about the money than the dog!

    The last home she went to already had a basenji - they knew and loved the breed, reason for return was she would attack their boy basenji and run away when off lead.

    Will contact Basenji rescue today although last time were not able to help (if you've a contact name/no would you post save me searching for it)

    It is a very difficult situation as i have my own dogs which she has to kept separate from so she will end up spending a lot of time on her own.
    Also, most people already have a dog so couldn't take her on….

  • Most all Basenjis will run off when off lead. Hope you are able to find her a suitable home. And just because she didn't get along with the one Basenji, she might with a different one.

  • i'm sorry to hear Mindy's lost her home again. It's sad that she didn't get on with the other Basenji but i have to say i'm surprised that her running away off lead is a reason for rehoming. The majority of Basenjis are very unreliable off lead. We have done lots of recall training with ours but they remain unreliable off lead and can only be let off in remote or enclosed areas.
    Hope she finds her forever home soon.

  • You are very good to offer her even a temporary home. For Rescue -try 0206 514952 for one of the coordinators.

  • any news on Mindy ?

  • Has Mindy found a home yet?

  • Did you manage to find a home for Mindy?

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