Jasper Doesn't Like Dry Dog Food!

My granddog, Jasper, doesn't like dry dog food. He eats it just to stay alive, I guess. Is there a really good, safe, and nutritious canned dog food that I could mix in (just a little) with the dry food? I'm so hesitant to try any dog food these days, so I need some advice! TIA (from Jasper, too)!

I've been using Artemis Fresh Mix to mix in with our dogs' kibble.

How old is Jasper?

Arizona Basenjis

What kind of kibble are you feeding him? Norah used to be that way and then someone gave me Natural Balance-she scarfed it down (no canned food mixed in) and asked for more!

And many of the premium canned foods are fine to mix it… I happen to make my own "wet" mix and I always recommend that dry is mixed with something regardless if you make it yourself or use a good canned food.... Cause it gets pretty boring to just eat the same old dry day after day after day (In my opinion)

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