Solid Gold & Avoderm Dry Dog Foods

  • Has anyone used either of these dry foods? if so, what do you think?

    Solid Gold Holistic Blend Adult Maintenance-States for Senior & Less Active-Oatmeal & Fish-This is low in fat-6% but has 18% Protein.

    Avoderm Puppy-Chicken Meal & Brown Rice

    I am able to pick up a bag of each 50% off because the bags are close to expiring.


  • I used Solid Gold for many years with my last 2 Basenjis in the 90s and used the avoderm adult a little with my current Basenji. They were OK but the dogs after awhile then would develop allergies over time. I stopped using any kind of dry because I don't think he's digesting the grains of any kind including rice, oatmeal or barley and dry is way too processed. When I took Buddy off dry his health and coat improved and he never chews, licks or itches any more. That's just my experience with it. His blood panel/urinalysis last year showed some problems too. I had the urinalysis redone a month later, being off dry and everything looked good. Now tomorrow I'm having his blood drawn for another panel to see how everything looks so we'll see. I just feed high quality wet that has no grains, some frozen organic raw and some home cooked food as well. The blood panel should tell me if it's working. I'll post the findings.
    Now I don't know if it's an individual genetics thing but my first Basenji (75-92) ate nothing but dry. I actually fed her Avoderm back in 82. I actually bought it from the health food store as they didn't have the pet stores like they do now. She lived to be 17-1/2 with very few health problems.

  • I just got a call from the vet on Buddy's blood panel results and all looks good. I'm going to continue with the diet I'm feeding him since it seems to be working. His thyroid test last June from Dr Dodds also looked good. If your Basenji is experiencing any skin, coat or digestion problems try eliminating all grains including rice and see how it goes.

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