• Any Canadians try out www.bullysticks.ca
    I can't find much for reviews on them…

  • Nope, but I will probably try now. I am sick of buying them from Petsmart, my dogs go through them so quickly and they are expensive. Thanks for the link.

  • I get mine from Best Bullysticks http://www.bestbullysticks.com/

  • I second best bullysticks.com

  • Bullysticks.com won't ship over the border, so us Canucks have to find an alternative.
    I want to try them out, but I don't know their shipping time. We move in 28 days. I do have the site bookmarked for after the move.
    I go to a bulk place here called G & E Pharmacy and pay $7.95 for an 18" stick, not bad, but she demolishes these in a day… I also have to find her another antler, she's lost hers.

  • Well bummer, but now that you mention it, I remember that it was noted before that they don't ship to Canada. Did you ask them for maybe a referral in Canada that would carry the same quality?

  • I will place an order some time this week and let everyone know how they are. Looks like they have some fairly good product and they also have a 'jumbo' stick. My dogs go through the little sticks like nothing.

  • I used to buy them all the time and after my male got Pancreatitis and the Vet told me they were bad-I stopped bying them. My dogs loved them!

  • Kipawa doesn't get bully sticks any more. He went through them way too fast. He enjoys his elk antlers now instead, and boy do those last!

  • Okay, so things have finally settled enough in the new acreage for me to place an order tonight for 50 bullysticks. I'll review them when they arrive.

  • I ordered some a while ago and the delivery was very timely. The 'jumbo' sticks won't be as big as you think they should be. My dogs go through them fairly quickly but they are reasonably priced and good quality. I will order from them again.

  • Just picked up my order. Cricket approves! I got her the 18" sticks. They are about the same size as the ones I got from G&E Pharmacy (yeah, it's a pet food store in Edmonton), but for a lot cheaper than $7.50 a stick. They smell a bit more, but maybe that's because they have been baking in the cardboard box in my vehicle while I was at the barn. She does go through them pretty fast, but it's better than her chewing on the furniture and rug.
    All in all, I will be ordering from them again.

  • I have recommended bestbullysticks.com to several and all are happy with them.

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