• Has anyone had any experience– good or bad-- with these two dementia meds? Sadly, Spencer is declining rapidly, and other solutions are not helping. The vet has been reluctant to add to his large regimen of medications, and it's already difficult to get the 20+ pills/day down him. And it's possible it could affect his kidneys or liver. But if it will help my sweet boy and give him better quality of life for just a little longer, I will try it. Any feedback would be welcome and appreciated!

    Pamela and Spencer

  • I'm so sorry to hear you are still struggling with Spencer's health. My heart breaks for the both of you!

  • I asked my niece, who is an experienced veterinarian, her preference. She said, "I like Novifit better, but it depends on the case."

  • Thanks, Chealsie; it's sad to see him decline. I know he's old and sick and has had a good, full life, but he's still my little puppy… in a 14-year-old body!

    eeeefarm, thanks for checking for me! I have heard all good things about Novifit, and it's cheaper. Not that cost would be the deciding factor, but if the two perform about the same, Novifit has fewer side effects and it's less expensive, then maybe I'll try that one first. I think I can buy it online without a prescription, so that's another plus.

    I am always so hesitant to introduce a new med into the mix, but I have to try. He is just so lost, and if there is a chance I can help him... well, I will.

  • Please keep us updated. I hope you have several years with Spencer left. I have 2 geriatric basenjis and every day is special.

  • Yes, every day is special– that's how I feel, too. We're fighting hard and will continue to fight until Spencer tells me he's done. I hope the Novifit will help. It's a chance, and we'll take it.

  • I had an elderly dog on Anipryl and it helped her but I had to take her off one of her pain medications-Tramadol/Ultram and her pain could not be controlled with just Metacam so I had to take her off the Anipryl. Please check the drug interaction listing for both of these drugs. The internist did not mention the interaction but I researched it ahead of time.


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