• When Karin and I adopted our little rescue, Itty Bitty Basenji, she recognised immediately that our 9yo Shiba Inu, Sable, was Aunt Sable and her word was law. However Bitty did all the traits of a single B in the household, up to sleeping under the covers with Dad every night.
    In Dec of 2010 we adopted Mr Baroo, approximately 14 months old. Jealousy reared it ugly head and Bitty just would not warm up to Baroo. She bullied him every chance she got, and possessivly crawled under the covers next to me and would growl ferocioualy if Baroo came near. Just before Christmas 2011, our beloved Jindo, Sami, crossed the Rainbow Bridbe, and suddenly Bitty began to mellow. Over the past 3 months Bitty has begun to actually play with Baroo, and what I thought was an unsolvable problem is taking care of itself. To a point where I now have a puppy pile under my covers every nightI dont know what to attribute this change but am soooo glad that it has happened.

  • that's wonderful to hear. Seems a basenji can change, i guess, if they have to (Red Green fans?).
    and what an interesting mix of primitive dogs you have! I'd love to hear more about them.

  • I think it really helps it's a boy girl thing as well.

  • First Basenji's

    Sorry to hear about your Jindo… I'm heartened to hear that there is a silver lining (for who can resist a puppy pile?). So nice to see how pets bond and develop over time, especially the rescues.

  • I have experienced this myself and am not sure what made the difference but it's such a relief , isn't it?.

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